Nagpur Vendor’s Butter Overload Dal-Chawal Leaves Netizens Gagging

When it comes to comfort food, most Indians prefer the homely dal-chawal combo and rightly so. This simple-yet-delicious staple meal is healthy and easy on the tummy. But sadly, the humble dal-chawal too couldn’t pass over the unapologetic food trends that are as bizarre as they are amusing.  

Cut to the latest trend on social media, an Instagram food blogger recently posted a video showing a vendor in Nagpur making dal-chawal with oodles of butter. Clearly not a healthy option, but Param Da Dhaba seemed to be doling out this overloaded meal for 48 years, meaning there are takers!

Wonder why? Let’s find out. The vendor is first seen preparing a tadka with two huge slabs of butter and plenty of red chilli powder. He then adds boiled dal to the tadka and brings it to boil until the dal is properly cooked and mixed with the tadka. After transferring the dal to plates, he adds another tablespoon of the same tadka. 

Is your perception of dal-chawal being a healthy and wholesome meal is still not shattered with this vendor’s unique recipe? There’s more. After making the dal, the vendor prepares the rice. He places two huge slabs of butter on a pan, adds some chopped onions and tomatoes and waits till the butter turns brown. He then adds a plate of brown rice to it and stir-fries it till it is properly mixed.

While reviewing the platter, the food blogger sarcastically says, “This is Nagpur’s healthiest brown rice. Bring your fitness freak friends to this place for the healthiest brown rice.” So far, the video has garnered over 341k views, 28.2k views and hundreds of comments. Most people have commented that the butter used to make one plate of dal-chawal can be used for a month.

Will you eat this butter overload dal-chawal? Do let us know.