The internet is perhaps one place where a foodie can never get bored. Finding new places to eat might be one reason, but the content ranges from quick and easy kitchen hacks to stellar recipes that a cooking enthusiast can binge on all day. No wonder food bloggers and influencers have found a place and carved a niche for themselves. From simple recipes to absolutely unique creations, many chefs are creating content that often goes viral. If there's a pastry chef who creates larger-than-life objects from chocolate, there is another who makes food that looks like objects. Natalie Sideserf is a food creator who makes hyper-realistic food. Recently, a video of her creation went viral wherein she made a unique creation which at first glance, seems like a whole, big onion. But as soon as you slice it with a knife, it turns out to be a delicious cake. Don’t believe us? Watch the video:

Shared on Instagram by @sideserfcakes (or Side Serf Cake Studio), the video has already garnered over 4m views and about 170k likes. Natalie has been creating hyperreal cakes for a year now. Many of her creations are surreal and hard to believe at first sight. The particular short video that has stunned her followers, shows a whole onion on a plate. Natalie simply holds it from one side, takes a knife and slice it from the middle into two. It is when we see it from the inside that we realise it isn’t a vegetable but actually a cake. "This is one of my favorite cakes I’ve ever made…and it’s an onion lol.", Natalie wrote in the comments.

The incredible hyper-real cake has obviously taken everyone by surprise on Instagram. " They got me in the first half not gonna lie” wrote one of the users, "I am losing my sense of reality " commented another. Another user by the name of erin_colol wrote " I was like who cuts an onion-like that with the skin on!"

While many were amazed, some also wondered if the onion peel on the outside was real. Natalie then revealed in the comments itself that it in fact isn’t. "It's not real onion skin, I made it with edible vanilla wafer paper. I have a tutorial showing how it was made on YouTube.”, she wrote.

What did you think of the onion cake at first? Let us know.