Viral: Thumbs Up Panipuri Is The Internet's Latest Sensation
Image Credit: Dileep Da has been selling these pani puris since 8-10 years now

There are a lot of dishes that have a special place in our hearts. And panipuri is one of them. Whether you call it phuchka, golgappa, pateesa, or panipuri, There is a certain emotion attached to this street food that cannot be replaced by anything. So, whenever a new flavour of this beloved street speciality goes viral on the Internet, it is met with an equal amount of praise and backlash. And the latest to join the Panipuri Fusion bandwagon is the very famous soft drink, Thumbs Up!

Credits - Laksh Dadwani

A street vendor in Kolkata, who has been running his shop, Maharaja Chat Centre, since 1948, is very famous in Kolkata as well as all around the country for his phuchka. He does not only have the regular flavours like khatta-meetha, imli, kairi, and pudina pani; he also has a plethora of other options. From mango, strawberry, and butterscotch to more Indian flavours like rajbhog, Dileep Da, the owner of the shop, is the third generation to take over this business. Now, it's his super interesting flavours that get all the food lovers to flock to his shop. And the most unique addition to his array of pani puri flavours is the thumbs-up one.

The way to make thumbs up pani puri is like any other savoury flavour. Dileep Da pours thumbs up in a bowl and then adds spices like roasted cumin, chat masala, red chilli powder, green chilli paste, Imli chutney, and salt to it. After preparing the pani, he mixes aloo with ghugni to make the filling. Combining all these simple and regular ingredients along with thumbs up, he creates this unique pani puri variety that has gotten all foodies wondering if they would enjoy its taste.

So, if you are in Kolkata and feeling a little adventurous, you can pay a visit to Maharaja Chat Centre and try out these thumbs-up pani puris. And if you are more of a puritan in terms of taste, Dileep Da has those options open for you as well!