Viral- This 24 Carat Gold Idli Is The Newest Sensation In Town
Image Credit: The idlis are priced at Rs 1200 | Instagram - @krishnaidlicafe

What is the most opulent and expensive dish that you have tasted? Was it at some high-end Michelin-starred restaurant or at a legendary, centuries-old joint? Was it a super unique, newly introduced fusion dish or some old, lost recipe being revived by a celebrity chef? Well, if you are in Hyderabad or plan on visiting the city, you can actually have idli for Rs1200! How? Read to find out!

Remember how when we were kids and would demand something really expensive, it would be met with a "Sona laga hai kya uspe?" meaning, Is it adorned with gold? Well, the answer to that is yes! Krishna Idli Café in Hyderabad is actually selling idlis made with 24 carat gold, and they have priced it at Rs 1200 for a plate, which comes with 2 idlis, sambhar, and 2 types of chutney. And the most interesting part is that, undeterred by the price, the Café is gaining massive popularity, and hoards of people are coming to try this dish. In fact, it has gone viral on the internet, with food bloggers trying the idlis and making reels about them.

Credit - Hyderabadi Food Stories

Made just like any other idli, these soft rice cakes are topped with gold foil and then served to customers. The dish looks very presentable and tempting, with golden foil giving it a different type of luxury look. People who have tried the idli have nothing to complain about about the taste or quality of the dish, but the biggest question is: Will you spend that much money for idli? And is the Rs. 1200 price point reasonable for a dish like that? Well, I guess we have to try it to find out!

Talking about expensive dishes, there are food items sold across the world that have been called outrageously pricey. From chocolates to ice cream to pizza, there is a long list of dishes that are deemed way too expensive. For instance, the world’s most expensive dessert from Sri Lanka - Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence, is priced at $14,500, which is around 11 lakhs in Indian currency! Similarly, Louis XIII pizza is served in Salerno, Italy, and costs upwards of 9.8 lakhs!

To put it in simple terms, eating a highly priced, exclusive dish is not just about the taste but also the experience. So, if you want to try out these gold-adorned idlis, visit Krishna Idli Café in Hyderabad and eat the dish to understand the hype about it