Make Fluffy Idlis With These Right Idli Makers
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Idli is the most popular choice for breakfast across all of India. You can eat this prevalent south Indian breakfast dish with chutneys, podis, and sambar. It's also one of the simplest things to cook. But you have to pay attention to a few basic rules, like the batter, the cooking time, and last but not least, a perfect idli maker that can do the job efficiently. Even the best batter and cooking technique will fail without the proper idli maker. So, if you want to make idlis at home, you should buy the best idli maker. A good one will almost always last you a long time. Here are some tips to help you buy the best idli maker.

Idli makers come in different materials, like aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, and nonstick. Pick what feels right to you.

Stainless steel

If you want an idli maker that will last a long time, find one whose body is made of stainless steel. It needs to have a solid bottom, so it won't slide about when placed on a shiny surface. Since many people use induction cooking these days, the idli maker should ideally work with both induction and gas stoves. Look for ones with 4–6 plates so you can make 12–24 idlis at once. The best steel idli maker has a thick gauge that makes it last a long time. The body's stainless-steel construction makes it rust-proof and simple to maintain. Check the length of the warranty.

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Idli makers with bodies made of aluminium are also a popular choice. Aluminium idli makers have been around since the beginning. The only bad thing about this kind of idli maker is that it needs a lot of care. Yet, the aluminium idli maker has seen sufficient advancements over the years. So, look for ones from good brands that are made of hard anodized aluminium of high quality. Consider the size, number of plates, sturdiness and easy cleaning designs.

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Idli makers that work in the microwave

They are idli cookers that are made to work in microwaves. You can find them in plastic or ceramic varieties. But you can only use them in a microwave. These may appear simple and user-friendly, and in fact, they are, but their quality is not on par with that of other idli makers.

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Extra features

Look for idli makers with handles that can withstand high temperatures. It makes things safer, especially if you must open the maker immediately and serve the idlis. The same applies to the knobs. Similarly, if you wish to prepare other steamed products like dhokla or dumplings, you should search for an idli maker that can do double duty.

Idlis in an aluminium idli making plates


Check out the compact idli makers on the market if your kitchen is smaller. Several of them are unobtrusive but highly efficient. Choose ones that can make at least eight idlis at once. The capacity of an idli maker is set by the number of idli plates it can hold. How many plates you need depends on how many family members you have and how many idlis you cook at once.

With and without a whistle

Idli makers with a whistle built into them have a vent for the steam to escape. An alarm will sound off in the form of a whistle. When the idlis are cooked just right, the whistle will blow loudly. This is better because you needn't keep an eye on it all the time. The surplus steam is released through tiny holes in the idli plates of idli makers that don't have a whistle.

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Assurance of safety

Steam is an essential element for idli makers. You must ensure the idli maker's lid has a vent to release any steam that builds up inside the device. Before purchasing an idli maker, it is vital to consider the quality of the cover. This is important for idli makers with whistles in particular. If the glass cover is poor quality, blowing the whistle could crack it.