Viral: Mumbai Vendor’s Bahubali Sandwich Is Too Much To Handle
Image Credit: @spoonsofmumbai/instagram

In this digital era, social media has become an important platform for grabbing the world’s attention. From showcasing talents to sharing views, you can find everything here. Experimenting with food is another popular trend that gets a lot of attention here. Many chefs and street vendors bring up their innovative dishes, which are appreciated by the users. This has also given birth to various unique challenges and records, like the largest food and weird fusions.

You can find ample videos of street stalls and restaurants selling the largest dosa, the biggest thali, and so on. Recently, a Mumbai street vendor’s video went viral for his Baahubali sandwich. "Bombay sandwich" is a popular street food in the city that is made with white bread, coriander chutney, and cucumber slices. This desi-style sandwich is available across Mumbai and is loved by all. But this Baahubali sandwich has taken the recipe to the next level. Here is the video. Take a look:

The vendor has used a wide variety of ingredients to create this monstrous feast that has all the flavours: sweet, savoury, spicy, and tangy. He starts by coating multiple slices of white bread with butter, followed by green chutney, baby corn, onions, bell peppers, and a generous amount of mayonnaise and grated cheese. Moving on to the next layer, he adds pineapples, olives, jalapenos, more mayonnaise, and another layer of cheese. Then he spreads some jam on the third slice of bread.

For the last layer, the vendor spreads some Schezwan sauce and adds tomatoes, shredded cabbage, carrots, beetroot, raw mango, a special masala, and more mayonnaise. After the layering of the sandwich is complete, he adds a slice of bread on top and cuts it into cubes before serving. But this is not the end! Once the Baahubali sandwich is plated, it gets an extra layer of cheese and some crispy potato chips. Finally, this never-ending sandwich is prepared. Huge respect for his customers who order this.

The video is of a food stall named Bipin’s Big Sandwich which is located in the Borivali area of Mumbai. Shared by a food blogger on Instagram under the account of @spoonsofmumbai, this video has more than 8 million views along with various reactions. People are making hilarious comments like "bhindi daalna bhul gaya" (forgot to add okra) and "This is how Mount Everest is formed". If you happen to be in Mumbai right now, visit this stall with your friends and challenge them to finish this Baahubali sandwich, but at their own risk.