Move Over Aloo Samosa, Try These Crazy Yet Delicious Fusions
Image Credit: Keema Samosa

Did anyone say samosa? This snack is one of the most favorite savouries that Indian people are literally obsessed with. Obliges to be one of the most delectable street foods, this snack is one of the most luscious appetizers in posh eateries all over India as well. But to everybody’s surprise, this delectable snack has grown into being cooked in so many varieties that you can’t even think of. Some of them may sound crazy but actually taste good. If you consider yourself a samosa lover, don’t hold back and see the list of crazy yet delicious samosa fusions that exist in India. 

Egg Samosa 

Eggs can light up the taste of any dish and we know that. Egg samosa is one such delicacies that we can’t get enough of. This samosa is stuffed with scrambled eggs and veggies. Served with tomato or green chutney, tasting this will be worth it. 

Pasta Samosa 

Attention pasta lovers! This is something you can’t miss. Pasta samosa may sound a bit strange but it tastes amazing. Making this snack is not everybody’s cup of tea but one who aces is an artist. A must-try samosa variation.  

Chocolate Samosa 

Shocked to see it in the list? But this exists. If you love samosas and also have a sweet tooth, this is the right thing for you. Filled with chocolate, this samosa is a great combination and goes well for parties or small get-togethers. Try it the next time.  

                                      Image credits: So City/ Chocolate Samosa

Keema Samosa 

This samosa is not crazy and we appreciate this beauty. Many non-vegetarians were not a fan of samosas and for them, keema samosa is everything. It is nothing but heaven for non-vegetarians. It has keema suffused in spices and this tastes absolutely delicious. 

Cheese Samosa 

Move over cheese sandwiches and burgers, this is the time to have delectable cheese samosas. This crispy fried samosa has cheese oozing out in every bite and tastes like heaven. 

Jam Samosa 

After chocolate, here is another version of a sweet samosa. If you love bread jam, move a step ahead and have this yummy jam samosa. The amazing flavour of this snack will make you want this every day.  

Khoya Samosa 

Made with khoya, dry fruits, and nuts, this is the best sweet snack you will ever have. Some people often dip these samosas into chashni which makes it even tastier. It is a perfect sweet snack for get-togethers as well as festivals. 

                                      Image credits: Youtube/Khoya Samosa

Cauliflower Samosa 

Known as Phulkapir Singara, this is a Bengali variety of samosa loved for its hot, fiery, and tangy cauliflower filling. This samosa goes well with green chutney or tamarind chutney.  

Tuna Samosa 

Tuna fish is something that could not be used in many dishes. There are only a handful of snacks that could be made with Tuna and this samosa is one of them. It is a great starter for parties or when you hang out with friends. 

These were some samosa varieties that we thought were crazy but delicious as well. Let us know which of these have you tried and which of these you didn't know about!