Watch: This Amazing Video Reveals The Secret Technique Of Freezing Kulfi By Street Vendors
Image Credit: The desi ice cream is a favourite across age groups. Image: Instagram foodie_incarnate

The summer season is right here, and the hot and sweaty weather simply makes us want to dig deep into the flavours of cold delicacies that can instantly cool us down. From sorbets, granitas, fruit parfaits, shakes to ice creams, summer season has a lot in store when it comes to chilled treats. In India, there’s lot more. Kulfi is one such chilled summer treat that is always in high demand. The desi ice cream is a favourite across age groups. Don’t we all have fond memories of that familiar bell chime of kulfi vendor during childhood, rolling his cart down the street every afternoon? Even today a kulfi cart can bring us the same nostalgia. Perhaps that is why I can never resist whenever I spot a kulfi vendor. But one thing has always intrigued me each time I spot a kulfi cart during soaring summer heat, how exactly do the kulfi walas freeze the kulfi amid such a hot temperature? They don't have electricity on their carts and therefore don't have freezers on them. However, they always shave chilled, frozen kulfis with them. How do the kulfis remain naturally frozen? Much to our relief, a food blogger on Instagram has revealed the secret behind how street vendors freeze their kulfis! 

The video shared by @foodie_incarnate is going viral and has clocked in 1.5 million views with 128k likes with kulfi lovers pouring in hundreds of comments.  Take a look at the Instagram Reel he shared:


How Kulfi Is Frozen Naturally By Kulfi Vendors On Cart 

In the video, the blogger is at the popular kulfi stall in Surat. He tells us how this is the oldest and one of the most interesting ice cream making technique of India. He then goes on to explain the process, where huge bars of ice are beaten and crushed, and placed in the street vendor's stall. Salt is added to the ice as it prevents ice from melting for a long period of time. Another layer of crushed ice is added on top of the salt layer. This is repeated till the stall is filled to the brim. Newspaper is placed on top to cover the ice, then a stand with mesh, that looks like a typical kulfi stand is placed on top of the newspaper. Next, water is poured all over the mesh so that ice below it takes an even shape. Next, the newspapers are pierced through, to make space for the kulfi moulds.  

After this, the kulfi batter is poured into kulfi moulds and placed within the mesh. An interesting mawa malai flavour is being poured into moulds, which the blogger tells is the oldest flavour of kulfi known, from the time kulfi was originated. Finally, the entire stand is pushed back and forth till the kulfi is completely frozen. And the end result looks absolutely delicious! 

Watch the full video below:

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