Viral: Man Orders Onion Rings, Gets Raw Onions Instead
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

We are in the time when everything is just a click away. From clothes to groceries to food, you can order anything through a few apps on your phone. And so online food delivery has become a part of our everyday life now. It has made our life so easy, as we can quickly look up whatever we are craving, and we will have it delivered to our doorstep in no time, even in just 30 minutes. 

While this has certainly made everything easy and quick for us, there have been multiple occasions of several goof-ups that have made it to social media as well, where either people receive wrong orders or have been part of a major confusion. Such stories serve as great inspiration for hilarious memes and viral stories. In a latest incident, something similar happened to a man who ordered onion rings and received the same, just that it came with twist. He received sliced onion onions, instead of the fried onion rings that he ordered.  

Think of onion rings, and one would immediately picture crispy and fried pieces of onion, that are often served with burgers and other fast-food items, or is eaten as is paired with tomato ketchup or a sour cream dip. The crunchy appetiser has won scores of fans worldwide for being absolutely delicious, quick and easy. And our man here, Instagram user UbaidU ordered picturing the same delicious and crisp onion rings online. But what he received was just the opposite of that.  

Taking to his social media, UbaidU shared his experience in a video, and wrote, "Guys, I ordered onion rings, and this is what I got." Then he proceeds to show a raw cut onion in the form of rings. On a satirical note, he even smiled and displayed the 'victory sign' while holding raw onion rings between his fingers. "Onion as crying is no more a metaphor, guys", he wrote jokingly about the bizarre incident. His hilarious take on Instagram has the netizens in splits. Take a look at the full video here: 

The video has been widely shared, and has already received over 74K views, more than 3,000 likes, and several comments. You can check out some of the reactions below: 

"I can feel the pain behind his smile." 

"The guy who packed the order: why are you booing me? I am right." 

"Check if they gave besan and oil as well." 

"Delivery guy be like: khud tal lo (Delivery guy be like: Please fry it yourself)." 

"Technically, they are not wrong. Looks like rings cut out of an onion." 

One of the users even took a  hilarious dig at the quick 10-minute delivery system and wrote, "Ab 10 minute ki delivery mein pakode toh ban nahi sakte (Now in 10 minutes delivery, no one can make pakodas)." 

Have you had such a hilarious incident? Let us know. And just in case you are craving onion rings, no need to order. You can make it quickly at home with our easy recipe right here