Viral: Fried Ice Cream Leaves This Italian Man In Utter Disbelief; 3 Recipes Inside
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, From Mexican to Macadamia, there are plenty of fried ice creams to try.

 There are some people who don’t have a big sweet tooth but crave sweet stuff every now and then. Well, I’m guilty of being one of them. Each time I finish a meal, I look for something sweet in the kitchen to take a bite and satiate myself. Often times, in summers, I crave for chilled desserts and the best I can get is ice cream. Ice cream comes in a variety of flavours like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and so on. In fact, with ice cream enthusiasts on their way to create something new, we’ve got ice cream cakes and ice cream rolls too. 

However, the concept of fried ice cream is just a few years old. Surprised, are you? So was this Italian man who expressed his disbelief when he first heard the term fried ice cream. For those untouched by the phenomenon, fried ice cream is a dessert which is made from ice cream that has been batter-fried in hot oil. The deep-fried warm coating complements the chilled scoop of ice cream inside really well. Don’t know what we are talking about? Here, take a look. 

Source: Carlo And Sara/Instagram 

In the video, the American blogger asks her Italian husband if he wants to get some fried ice cream for dessert? He immediately stops drinking his shake and utters, “Fried ice cream? Fried? Fried of the french fry”? And he did not stop at that. He went on to question the server about fried ice cream and even said that he wants to see their menu. Jokingly, he says that he wants a fried ice cream and when it arrives on the table, he just can’t express his shock. The “melty thing” that he mentions before is actually presented before him, deep-fried in oil. His reaction has left the Internet in splits. 

Now, if you are intrigued about fried ice cream too, here are some recipes to try. 

1.  Mexican Fried Ice Cream 

This is a quicker and easier way of making fried ice cream. Toss the panko (breadcrumbs) in butter along with some salt, cinnamon and sugar. The ice cream scoops are rolled into these breadcrumbs till they still to it and give a crunchy outer layer. A dash of honey on top and you are good to go. 

2.  Fried Ice Cream 

This is a classic recipe where the huge ball of vanilla ice cream is deep-fried with a crunchy coating of cornflakes and crushed vanilla wafers. The balls are fried and served on a plate of cinnamon chips along with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. 

3.  Macadamia Mango Fried Ice Cream 

Covered in the goodness of crushed macadamia nuts, the scoop of mango ice cream is deep-fried and served with the sweetness of white chocolate sauce.