Viral Trend: Try This Unique Recipe Of Corn Coffee

Unique food trends often take social media by storm. One of the advantages of this is sometimes you come across a recipe that challenges you to try something new, and many of them have turned out to be surprisingly good. A man has recently shared a version of coffee, corn coffee (yes, that’s correct), which is going viral on Instagram. 

Video Credit: Quick Recipes/ YouTube

Who would have thought that you could use corn kernels to prepare an enticing cup of coffee? This video by Ethan Rode, who calls himself ‘The Coffee Guy’ because he makes the beverage using ingredients that one can never think of, has over three million views on the social media platform, and it continues to grab the attention of foodies around the world. 

How The Internet Reacted To Corn Coffee?

Ethan Rode mentioned in his video that he is from Wisconsin, USA, which is surrounded by cornfields. Hence, the idea of corn coffee germinated. Reacting to this, an Instagram user suggested brewing the coffee with roasted corn. “Like how it’s done in the Philippines,” he added.

Another user pointed out that people in South Korea would love to try this unique mixture, especially in Seoul. One user joked and wrote in the comments, “Crazy I’m so tempted, but I feel like I’d have to use corn specifically from Wisconsin.” Some people found the mixture bizarre, while others felt tempted to try it out. 

Coffee Trends That Took Social Media By Storm

While corn coffee is the latest trend on social media, other bizarre videos of variations of this beverage have gone viral in the past. Among the latest is butter and bulletproof coffee, a version of this has even caught up with Indian celebs where they mix ghee (clarified butter) with coffee.

Other unique mixtures that have taken over social media in the last few years include mushroom coffee, spicy coffee, iced coffee lemonade, coffee soda, cheese lattes, deconstructed coffee, broccoli coffee, and beet lattes. Do try corn coffee and other variations of the beverage to find out which one is your cup of coffee and which one you would like to toss in the drain. 

Want to give this weird coffee a try at home? Here is its recipe.

Corn Coffee Ingredients

  • 1 whole corn cob
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Espresso

Corn Coffee Method

  • First, you have to prepare sweet corn syrup by cutting kernels from the corn cob, adding them to a glass jar, and blending them with sugar and water. You will achieve a smooth but coarse texture. Strain this mixture using a sieve to ensure that the syrup is smooth.
  • Add whole milk to the corn syrup and blend the two mixtures to create a corn syrup cold foam. After a few minutes of using a frother, you will see the mixture thickening and turning into white foam. 
  • The next step is to ground coffee to make espresso. The video creator used a high-end coffee machine for this, but you can easily do it at your home.
  • Fill a glass with an ice cube, pour milk, corn syrup cold foam, and espresso. Give it a mix and try this unique beverage called corn coffee.