Filter Coffee Ranked Amongst Most Popular Coffees In The World
Image Credit: Unsplash

For many of us, drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee is a morning ritual. Not only does it help us wake up to the fullest but also gives us the strength to kickstart the day. Coffee has caffeine which is a natural stimulant that can help increase alertness and wakefulness. Moreover, the act of brewing and savouring a cup of coffee can provide a sense of routine and familiarity, which can be reassuring and grounding in the morning.

Coffee has a rich and inviting aroma that can be very appealing. Additionally, the flavor of coffee can be enjoyable for those who appreciate its unique taste. On a cold morning, what could be better than a hot cup of coffee to provide warmth and comfort? October 1st every year is celebrated as International Coffee Day and no wonder we have a special day dedicated to this special thing that exists.

On International Coffee Day, renowned food guide Taste Atlas shared a list of the most popular coffees in the world. While Espresso bagged the first rank, India’s Filter Coffee also grabbed the 20th spot. The list also features cappuccino, Turkish coffee, Vietnamese coffee, Arabic Coffee, Dalgona, Egg coffee, Café com cheirinho among others. South Indian coffee or filter coffee is a soothing coffee preparation that not just Indians but people all across the globe love.

Preparation of filter coffee uses a percolator with a metal device that resembles two cylindrical cups, one of which has a pierced bottom that nests into the top of the “tumbler” cup to brew the coffee. The coffee decoction is then mixed with hot boiling milk and sugar. This brewing technique results in a richly flavored, full-bodied traditionally served in a tumbler with a davara. Sometimes, the combination of coffee and warm milk is continuously poured from one vessel to another until it is aerated and becomes frothy.

On International Coffee Day, Made In Heaven actress Sobhita Dhulipala took to Instagram and shared a video in which she is seen making the filter coffee. In the video, we can see her brewing the filter coffee as it is done, adding milk, and making it to perfection. Her post was flooded by several comments from the netizens. A user commented, “Evergreen Filter coffee. It will never get Outdated..,” another wrote, “Nothin! Can beat Filter Kaapi.” How do you feel about filter coffee? Do let us know!