Viral: Chocolate Paan And Paan Ice Cream Come Together In This Latest Fusion Dish; 5 Ice Cream Rolls To Try Now!
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of viral video/Instagram

By now, we think all of us have grown accustomed to the idea of experimentation and innovation, especially in the field of food. The past two years have taught us that there is an endless stream of possibilities as well as countless number of ways in which our regular food items can be paired with one another to give us an entirely new dish. From the tragedies of oreo pakoda to the eccentricities of combining maggi with fanta, our eyes have witnessed it all. Although all of this has been largely a virtual experience (with a hope that no one’s tried any of them), the effects have been far more real. So much so, that I haven’t been able to look at maggi the same way ever since. 

Recently, a food blogger @thefoodieshub shared a reel on their Instagram handle and showed us yet another experiment to grab our attention. This time, it was our beloved paan and ice cream that had to make the sacrifice. The popular desi mouth freshener in India and a common practice after meals, paan comes in a variety of flavours these days. In fact, in Connaught Place area of New Delhi, you’ll find people trying out something called chocolate paan and fire paan. In this latest fusion dish too, the street vendor has combined chocolate paan with paan flavoured ice cream and chopped it into an ice cream roll. We can’t wait to show you how it looks so here it goes. 

Source: The Foodies Hub/Instagram 

In the video, you can see that the man first throws in some chocolate paan filling on the surface and then drops in a betel leaf (paan) which he starts chopping together. Then comes the decadent part where tempered chocolate is poured from above on this paan and chocolate filling. Finally, all of this chopped and crushed with huge knives till it becomes a thick mixture. This mixture is then spread out on the surface and flattened post which ice cream rolls are shaped from each edge. The rolls are carefully placed in an ice cream cup and served with a paan leaf on the side. 

The video has crossed over 54 thousand likes and some 7 lakh views in a few weeks’ time. The ice cream roll is being served at Raw Ice creams in Rohini, as mentioned in the caption which also states that,              “Chocolate paan ice cream roll. In taste, it was as satisfactory as it looks”. 

Now whether you want give this fusion dish a try is for you to decide but we can tell you which ice cream rolls are a must-try! 

1.  Chocolate Ice Cream Roll 

I’m a huge fan of cakes and an even bigger fan of ice creams. Well, when I first tried an ice cream cake, I was left speechless. This chocolate ice cream roll is not only a great chilled dessert but a great way to satisfy your cake cravings too. This ice cream roll has layers of soft and gooey cake as well as bites of cold cookie and cream flavoured ice cream rolled together into a heavenly treat. 

2.  Mocha Ice Cream Cake Roll 

Yet another delight with the goodness of my two favourite things, cake and ice cream. The mocha-flavoured ice cream leaves a strong taste and aroma of coffee which complements the chocolate cake really well. The cake is sliced and slathered with thick coffee ice cream and finally rolled and frozen. Cut open for beautiful layers and a delicious sweet. 

3.  Applesauce Ice Cream Roll 

Moving beyond the obsession with chocolate, we’ve got this subtle and sweet ice cream roll for you. Unsweetened applesauce lends the cake a natural sweetness which fares well with layers of vanilla ice cream hidden in the spongy cake. Fruity and light flavours dominate this ice cream roll. 

4.  Jelly Roll Ice Cream Bombe 

This jelly roll is ruled by strong sweet flavours of strawberry with strawberry jam and ice cream that go into its making. A colourful ice cream bomb, this dome-shaped cake roll is also infused with fruity flavours of mango and orange. 

5.  Chocolate-Strawberry Ice Cream Roll 

Strawberries stuffed with chocolate and rolled in chocolate ice cream are definitely a sign of double treat.