Viral: Chandigarh's Diesel Paratha Has Netizens Concerned

A street-side paratha seller in Chandigarh has sparked concerns among foodies and netizens after he was spotted serving diesel parathas. A recent video posted on X shows a cook from Chandigarh Dhaba in Chandigarh using diesel to fry parathas. He wrote, "True recipe for cancer (petrol diesel wala paratha) Where r we heading?"

In the video, which has garnered 455.5k views, a roadside paratha seller can be seen putting diesel on the paratha he is preparing with the person making the video claiming that that his parathas taste like ‘kachori.’ With the video garnering thousands of views and becoming viral, some netizens have called this experiment as a 'recipe to cancer'. 

While some brushed off the incident as a gimmick, others raised valid concerns about food safety and hygiene at the dhaba. Questions about the quality of the oil used and its potential impact have the netizens worried. 

“No way it is Diesel, it is some oil. And i hope they are making this video just for views and no one is really eating those paratha's," one user said. “It’s probably just old oil….. diesel will catch fire around 200C. The Thava temp easily reaches 250-300C while cooking. If that liquid does not catch fire means it’s just oil," said another.

A recent report has claimed that the owner of the eatery has clarified that they did not serve food cooked in “diesel”. Channi Singh, the owner of the dhaba said, “We neither make any such thing as ‘diesel paratha’ nor serve any such thing to customers. A blogger had made that video just for fun. It is common sense that nobody would consume a paratha prepared in diesel nor is it cooked like that,” Mr Singh said.

"I didn’t know that the video was going viral, I came to know only yesterday. The blogger in question has deleted it and apologised to the people…We use only edible oil. We provide hygienic food to people here. We also supply langar from here…We don’t play with people’s lives," he added.