Viral Cheese Gola Video Labelled ‘Worst Food Combo’ By Netizens

While a refreshing ice gola or a bowl of ice falooda seems like just the treat everyone needs in the summer, no one would imagine dumping a smattering of grated cheese on top. However, as is evident from viral food combinations that are beyond bizarre, a food vendor in Ahmedabad is making waves for all the wrong reasons. Shared by a food vlogger named Siddharth Shah on his Instagram, the video demonstrates the assembly of a cheese gola which the vlogger says has a ‘khatta-meetha’ (sour-sweet) flavour when eaten.

Starting off with a mound of shaved ice in a bowl, the vendor tops it with a variety of colourful syrups and ladles of rabri and fresh cream. He further adds texture with halved cashews, crushed biscuits, flaked almonds and dried raisins. While these fixings are also typical of an ice falooda, what made this video viral was the addition of grated processed cheese on top to finish the dish. As viewers reeled from the absurdity of the offering, some even labelled the cheese gola as the worst food combination of all time. However, keeping this one company is a list of some absurd food combinations, similar to the ones listed below:

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Gulab Jamun Pakora – An invention by a food vendor in Delhi, the deep-fried dish is exactly what it promises to be – sweet gulab jamuns coated in a pakora batter.

Bournvita Barfi – While this sensational sweet dish has left the internet debating about the integrity of its taste, the chocolate-y barfi is also studded with nuts for added texture.

Paan Masala Omelette – Breakfast with a side of digestive – but combined into one. One that outraged the internet for using paan masala in the omelette mixture as well as more to add on top.

Dry Fruit Omelette – Street vendors can’t seem to get enough and continue to add their own spin on the inexpensive protein dish – this time with dry fruits and nuts.

Medu Vada Sandwich – If gluttony had a visual representation, then this sandwich from Ulhasnagar, that uses two deep-fried medu vadas instead of bread, is stuffed with noodles, masala potato mash, coconut chutney and mayonnaise.