Vikas Khanna And Saransh Goila Enjoy Kulfa In Amritsar

Celebrity chefs and friends Saransh Goila and Vikas Khanna were cruising the streets of Amritsar for a late-night dessert run, at the popular dessert joint – A One Kulfa. The chefs were celebrating the new opening of the former’s famed butter chicken franchise in the city, for which Khanna decided to take Saransh along to enjoy the city’s delicacy – the kulfa. Made with a mixture of kulfi, phirni, rabdi, falooda noodles, ice and syrup, the deliciously creamy dessert was thoroughly enjoyed by both the acclaimed chefs.

Saransh posted a video on his social media where they were seen gorging on the dessert specialty and Vikas Khanna was caught on camera being truly appreciative of his night time feasting. He captioned the video saying, “Are you that *I can't sleep without a dessert person*? We went for a late night dessert party with Chef Vikas in Amritsar to celebrate Goila Butter Chicken ka launch! A One Kulfa in Amritsar is truly A One! It's a mix of phirni, kulfi, faluda and rabdi. Everything comes together in that one bowl of heaven as Chef said. Must visit when in Amritsar. Thank you VK and Bindu aunty for an epic night!”

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Both chefs appeared to be relaxed and dressed down, but enthusiastic to film some shots of the dessert bowls being assembled, as crowds gathered around them. The camaraderie between the two men was apparent as they joked with each other and Goila referred to Vikas as his ‘big brother’ in the video. He also passed the verdict in his signature style and branded the delicacy to be ‘delishaaaas’. Tell us the best spots to satiate late night dessert cravings in your city and what to order at each one.