Rabdi is a sweet, condensed milk-based dish from the Indian subcontinent that is made by boiling milk for a long time on low heat until it becomes dense and turns off-white or pale yellow in colour. To give it flavour, jaggery, spices, and nuts are added. It's served chilled as a dessert. Rabri is used to make a variety of desserts, including rasabali, chhena kheeri, and khira sagara. From Varanasi, the fame of popularity spread to Lucknow, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, variations such as Basundi, with dry fruits, Khoya, and even saffron, were created. Milk's consistency varies depending on where it's available and what kind of milk it is. Bengalis had strong ties to Mathura, Vrindavan, and Varanasi, and we first hear of rabdi in the Mangalkabyas (1400). Tales of Sri Chaitanya mention rabdi as Charu, Kolkata had non-Bengali rabdi salesmen selling rabdis on their backs and rabdi manufacturers producing rabdi in the open.

Here are a few desserts to relish with Rabdi-

Shahi Tukda

This Mughalai delicacy is as mouth-watering and royal as it sounds. It is prepared by deep-frying bread slices in desi ghee and then dipping them in chashni and rabdi. Putting an extra layer of rabdi on shahi tukda enhances the flavour and the royalty of the dish. Hot shahi tukda with cold rabdi on top is a perfect combination that soothes the inner soul!




Malpua is a traditional Indian pancake which is light and soft. Malpuas are light and fluffy pancakes that are dipped in sugar syrup and topped with delectable Rabri. These would be a great addition to a hefty supper. Malpua has a fluffy texture which is soaked in chashni and is warm. Serving it with rabdi is like a cherry on the cake. Warm malpuas with cold rabdi when eaten, burst into the mouth like a fluffy sweet cloud.




Rasmalai is usually made of chhena and then soaked in thin rabdi. This dessert is my all-time favourite because it has all the sweetness of rabdi and the softness of chhena. When served chilled, rasmalai tastes like pista kulfi which is a treat to the taste buds. For an enhanced flavour, you may add some rose syrup or elaichi powder to make it in a different way.



Gulab Jamun

Who doesn't like soft and sugar dipped warm gulab jamuns? Next time you crave something sweet, have gulab jamun with rabdi. This combination feels royal and delectable. Warm gulab jamun with cold creamy rabdi is a package of all the sweet flavours. This combination will surely win everyone's heart when you'll serve it.




Jalebi and rabdi are a match made in heaven. They are the original, classic and traditional pair that tastes amazingly delicious and reminds everyone of their childhood. Warm jalebi soaked in dripping chashni served with milky rabdi is everything you need to fulfil your taste bud cravings.



Rabdi Falooda

Rabdi and falooda both are refreshing and soothing options for summer. Falooda mixed with icy cold rabdi is a treat to the soul during summers. You may also top it up with some pista and kesar to amp up the deliciousness.