Vegetarian Shawarma Varieties You Should Try
Image Credit: There are many vegetarian shawarma options | Unsplash

India is very fond of its street food. We have a huge variety of street food delicacies that we can find all over the country. From chat, golgappe and kachori to jhal muri, dhokla and biryani - We can find all sorts of food here, on our streets. if you are a foodie, India's streets are like a heaven to you. Whatever is your choice, you have a dish for every single taste palette. And it is not just restricted to desi food, you have food from all over the world that sold on the streets. From pizza and pasta to noodles and dumplings - international cuisine is at your beck and call. Similarly, one such dish is Shawarma.

This Middle Eastern dish is available for a very affordable price as one of our most favorite street foods. Small time vendors have their shops set up and sell amazingly delicious shawarma rolls. And as is the rule with India, every dish that we make our own, we customize it according to our own taste palette. Shawarma is basically a dish that is meat based, but we have a plethora of vegetarian options easily available. So, let us look at some vegetarian shawarma options that you can try if you want to taste the dish and do not want to eat meat.

Paneer Shawarma

Picture credits - Unsplash


This is one of the most underrated varieties of shawarma but once you try it, you will understand why so many people love this. Chickpeas full of protein, so it is an ideal meat replacement anyway. The texture of chickpea gives the shawarma a whole different taste and it is something that is unique. So, if you are looking for some change in taste, then chickpea shawarma is the dish for you to try.