This Cheese Melt Shawarma Has Left Netizens Disappointed

What comes to your mind when you read the word ‘shawarma’? According to me, it’s juicy and tender chunks of chicken tossed with finely chopped veggies and mayonnaise, wrapped in a soft flatbread. Although authentic Lebanese shawarma is made with pita bread, most Indian shawarma vendors use roomali roti in place of it. The Middle-Eastern delight has won millions of hearts across the world and also on the streets of India. How can someone ignore a delicacy that has thin bread filled with creamy chicken stuffing? Needless to say, shawarma is filling, healthy, wholesome and delicious too.

With the recent bizarre trends going up on the internet every single day, it’s hard to trust the simplest of foods like dal chawal, let alone something like shawarma. People have also experimented with shawarma and netizens are surely not pleased with it. Take a look yourself:

In this video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger who goes by the username @chalwahankhaatehain, we can see a street vendor making cheese melt shawarma. If you are a shawarma lover, then we know that the filling has already disappointed you but there’s more. After filling the bread with a cheese and paneer mixture, the vendor dips the rolls in bread crumbs and deep-fries them and serves them with mayonnaise on the side. Quite different from the typical shawarma rolls, these cheese melt shawarmas have left netizens unhappy.