Varun Dhawan Shares Video Compilation Of His Pizza Binge

For gym rats who are passionate about their fitness and strict diet routines, Varun Dhawan’s dilemma is surely going to be relatable! The actor who loves a freshly made pizza as much as working out, shared a funny montage of himself eating pizza on different occasions. Dressed down in classic Varun style, the video showed the actor waiting to sink his teeth into a margherita pizza at the beginning, followed by another one topped with salad leaves and cherry tomatoes.

In another instance, Varun was also seen enjoying a chicken salad with olives and tomatoes, alongside his slice of pizza. What was noticeable in each of the snippets was how the actor only preferred to nibble on the part of each slice that had toppings on them, leaving the crusts out. Captioning this amusing video, he said, “Pizzas khaane ke baad mujhe guilt aur khushi donno hoti hain,” which roughly translates to ‘I feel guilt and happiness after eating pizzas.’

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Varun, who has never shied away from indulgent meals, was last seen enjoying a traditional Goan meal along with his pregnant wife, Natasha Dalal in the beach state. Known to enjoy meals of pizza and burgers on his cheat days, Varun has otherwise maintained a fit and toned body, courtesy of his discipline and commitment to fitness. Besides these foods, he also enjoys the occasional vada pav – as an ode to his upbringing in Mumbai. Tell us what your favourite cheat meal is and where to enjoy them in your city!