Valentine’s Day 2022: 5 Heart-Shaped Goodies To Rekindle Love

As we are approaching Valentine’s Day, we can definitely feel the love in the air. It would probably not be wrong to say that lovebirds are already painting the town red. Streets and stores are filled with colourful roses, chocolates and decorative items. With the wide options of gifts up for grabs, we know you must be planning to make your significant other feel special. However, if you ask us, a group of foodies, we will always say that the best way to celebrate any occasion is through delicious food. And if you and your partner are a foodie couple too, you know how true this is. So, to make your partner’s heart flutter, here are some heart-shaped dishes you can count on while planning for the V-Day gifts.

1. Love Toast

What’s better than starting the day with a romantic breakfast? For the same, try making some love toasts for your partner and serve them with a cup of coffee. Cut a heart in the middle of the bread and fry it till it attains a crispy texture. Fill the heart with an egg and cook till the egg is cooked through. Season with salt, pepper and herbs and serve.

2. Valentine’s Day Brownies

Transfer your brownie batter into a heart-shaped mould and bake them into delicious and fudgy brownies. The fudgy delights will surely melt your partner’s heart. Top the brownies with white frosting, pipe some chocolate sauce or peanut butter. You can also pipe some vanilla frosting into cheesy texts like ‘Be mine!’ or ‘I heart you’.

3. Rainbow Heart Sprinkles Cake

Planning a V-Day party for your partner without a self-made cake doesn’t sound very exciting, right? So, why not try a heart-shaped sponge cake with a light and airy frosting with rainbow heart sprinkles.

4. Heart-Shaped Pizza

If your partner is a pizza aficionado, there is nothing better in the world than a heart-shaped pizza. Make a homemade pizza dough and shape it into a heart. Add your partner’s favourite toppings and a generous amount of cheese for an irresistibly delicious pizza.  

5. Strawberry Skewers

Cut strawberries into heart-shaped fruits and make skewers with them. You can add heart-shaped watermelon slices in between them for a pop of flavour and texture. Serve these skewers the first thing in the morning with the aforementioned breakfast options for a complete meal.