Vaani Kapoor Turns Vegetarian: Here’s All About Her Diet
Image Credit: Vaani Kapoor/Instagram, Vaani Kapoor has turned to a healthy, vegetarian diet.

When someone’s a total foodie, it is a common assumption that they would eat everything served on a platter. That was the case with Vaani Kapoor too but not anymore. The Bollywood actor recently revealed in a social media post that she has switched to vegetarianism, and many seemed to be stunned by this update. Being a fit freak, she has always managed to maintain her figure by eating balanced meals and working out. But time and again, she has also openly expressed her love for meat.

However, with an increasing shift towards vegetarianism and veganism, the actor has also joined the bandwagon, following her contemporaries Bhumi Pednekar and Shraddha Kapoor. This doesn’t mean that Vaani has stopped enjoying her favourite foods. You will still find her indulging in a cheesy pizza or fries every now and then. But she has definitely excluded meat from her diet, as she replied to a comment by her designer friend on one of her posts.

Vaani was spotted eating a bowl of salad, filled with lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, olives, and a garnish of cheese on top. She captioned it, “Lettuce eat. Bon Appetit”. The actor was invited for a butter chicken treat by her friend, which she refused saying, “Gave up meat. Meet me soon”. Today, Vaani follows a healthy diet that includes a bunch of nutrition, like proteins, iron, calcium etc.

Lettuce Salad

Her daily meals largely consist of legumes, salads, and nuts, according to a report by a leading media publication. Along with eating clean throughout the day, she also keeps herself hydrated by consuming lemon juice, coconut water, apple cider vinegar and other such drinks. Ditching processed foods and junk items from her diet have helped Vaani attain the desired body and health.

However, this is not to say that her fries, burgers and chocolates have taken a backseat. In one of her AMA sessions, Vaani revealed how she has fallen in love with the vegan dark chocolate with rose and cranberry flavour. In fact, she also enjoys Asian cuisine a lot and answered one of her questions on Instagram with her favourite foods which included sushi and Indian Chinese. In fact, earlier this year, she also shared a sneak peek of her Asian spread which had stir fry, fried rice, avocados and chilli tofu on the menu.