There are times when someone takes up a challenge but fails at the first attempt. Then, they try to repeatedly do it till they succeed. However, it is rare to see someone breaking their own record consecutively and being even more determined to win the challenge again and again. This US man either loves hotdogs or has been hungry for quite some time. Joey Chestnut participated in the annual Nathan Hot Dog Eating Contest and, not surprisingly, emerged victorious for the 15th time. 

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Being able to achieve one’s own feat again and again is a challenge in itself. But for Joey, it seems that the hotdog eating competition is just a cakewalk. The contest takes place every year on the fourth of July to commemorate the US Independence Day. Since the 4th of July is a special day for Americans, several delectable treats are prepared. The sun is out and the Americans make the most of the summery weather by going out for picnics and barbeques. One dish that is prepared as part of the feast is hotdog.  

                Source: Barstool Sports/Twitter 

The idea of a hotdog came from the German Frankfurter, which refers to the sausage that is slid between the buns. This term, hotdog, gradually came to referred to not just the sausage but the whole dish with the bun. The sausage is grilled and placed inside the long bun and topped with tomato ketchup and mustard sauce. This dish then travelled to the US and today, is an important part of the fourth of July traditions, just like the yearly eating contest.

Joey won the eating contest for the 15th time in a row this year, by chugging 63 hotdogs in a matter of 10 minutes. Although it was close enough to his feat of 76 hotdogs in 10 minutes in 2020, he managed to emerge victorious this year too. While hundreds of people participated, it was Joey who was able to finish the maximum number of hotdogs within a stipulated time, as reported by a media publication.

Do you think that you’ll be able to finish so many hotdogs in one go? Maybe, you can try it yourself next year.