Unveiling Diet Of Lee Min-ho, World's Most Loved Korean Actor
Image Credit: Lee Min-ho/ Instagram

Lee Min-ho is among the most popular Korean actors in the world. Starring in K-dramas like ‘The Legend Of The Blue Sea’, ‘The Heirs’, ‘Boys Over Flower’, and more, he has made millions of fans overseas so much so that the Overseas Hallyu Survey report titled him the most favoured Korean actor in the world for the 11th consecutive year. The report was released by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in collaboration with the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange.

Video Credit: Your Food Lab/ Instagram

It had at least 25000 respondents from around 26 countries in the world. White there were other artists and art groups who made it to the list, including BTS, Blackpink, and Psy, Lee Min-ho’s popularity is quite impressive. Here is a look at the actor’s dietary preferences that keep him fit and healthy. 

Lee Min-ho’s Breakfast

Lee Min-ho likes to start his day by exercising and eating the right food. According to media reports, he prefers to include scrambled eggs, fresh juices and toast in his meals to kick-start his day. While eggs provide him with an essential amount of protein, fruit juices ensure that the meal has enough dietary fibres in it. 

Lee Min-ho’s Lunch

For lunch, the actor likes to enjoy a wholesome meal. It must be packed with nutrition and other essential minerals and vitamins. He likes to have vegetables, chicken, a small bowl of rice, and salad. Rice is lightweight in comparison to chicken and helps to create a balanced meal. Vegetables and salads are rich in nutrients and fibre.

Lee Min-ho’s Dinner

Reports indicate that before dinner, Lee Min-ho likes to indulge in lightweight snacking which usually includes a variety of soups. For dinner, he prefers vegetables, steak or fish. The secret to the actor's unwavering fitness and charm is his balanced diet. In the past interviews, he also shared his love for a variety of meat and protein. 

If you have ever wondered about the secret behind Lee Min-ho’s glass skin, he said in a December 2022 interview, “I eat well, sleep well, and have a moderate amount of exercise.”

The actor does not share much about his favourite food on Instagram, but in November 2020, he shared an image of enjoying a meal with his loved ones. The spread had greens, seafood, vegetables, and staple Korean accompaniments. The actor has also shared a few images while enjoying chilled beverages. While trying out ice cream, his caption read, “Tried a snack and a soft vanilla ice cream that wasn't frozen.”