Korean Food & Ghee Are More Popular Than Ever, Says A New Report

According to a new food trend report, Korean food is set to go mainstream and ghee will have a major comeback. It’s not surprising considering Korean culture and food have had a huge influence on the younger crop of consumers. The ghee has been sneaking into Indian kitchens thanks to celebrities who have gone vocal about their love for this clarified butter which is also quite nutrition-rich.

The Godrej Food Trends Report 2024 shared some top trend predictions and the shifting food choices of mass consumers. One of the main takeaways from the seventh edition of this annual report has been the significant shift towards local ingredients and cooking components. There is an increased demand for regional Indian cooking mediums, for instance, like ghee and natural seed oils. 

The report which has been put together by a consortium of 350+ culinary personalities, including celebrity chefs, home cooks, bloggers, and healthcare has shed light on the rising popularity of flavours associated with nostalgia with menus inspired by culinary heritage coming out on top again. 

In 2024, Korean dishes which are so commonly seen on social media and in films or shows will go mainstream, from Bibimbap and Bulgogi to Jajangmyeon. The report predicts that Korean food will become more prevalent, not just in households, but also on restaurant menus. 

“This year, I am personally excited to see growing international interest and recognition given to India for its rich culinary diversity, along with a growing demand for culinary knowledge and skills across all segments,” said, Tanya Dubash, Executive Director & Chief Brand Officer Godrej Industries Limited & Associate Companies.

“We have so much to offer to the world, and the industry will do well by investing serious time and resources into research and documentation of our inherent wisdom so that we can collectively reap the benefits brought in by the global interest in our future propositions.”

Besides traditional cooking mediums and Ayurveda-backed ingredients, micro-cuisines are also growing in popularity. The report also reveals that there has been a 54 % rise in the demand for tribal or indigenous cuisines and a 53% spike in the popularity of mountain cuisines of India, particularly North-East India’s micro cuisines.

Locally-made global ferments are also in demand and the report also shows that health/immunity-boosting functional foods held their own ground last year. There has been a 57 % uptick in the popularity of locally-made global ferments.

The demand for consuming locally sourced food has been felt in the restaurant industry as well. The report has also shown that farm-to-table restaurants in India surged by 60% in 2023 and a 75 % rise in menus inspired by culinary heritage. 

“Menus inspired by culinary heritage have come out on top because these recipes and dishes have goodness, sustainability, finesse, technique, science, history, flavour combinations, fascinating ingredients, and above all stories in their favour! Multiply that by the staggering diversity of India’s food landscape, and there is so much that restaurants can offer and diners can explore!,” says food journalist and author Kunal Vijayakar, as part of the report.