Un-eggpected? 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid To Cook Eggs Perfectly

Commonly found stacked in almost every other kitchen, egg is the most convenient ingredient. From breakfast to lunch and even to dinner, you can make eggs literally anytime of the day without any chaos and headache. You can use eggs to make a sandwich, wraps, pancakes and what not? Indeed, eggs are versatile and cooking them is easy and simple. But at times, the eggs we cook don’t turn out how we expect. Ever wondered why does it happens? Because of some mistakes. 

Video credits: Tasty/YouTube

We all make cooking mistakes, but you know what’s worse? That we don’t even know what mistakes we make. Especially while cooking eggs, these mistakes affect the taste as well texture of the dish. So, what to do? Don’t worry as we have your back like always. Here are 5 mistakes that you should avoid while cooking eggs. Here you go! 

Stop Overcooking 

Overcooking eggs is always a bad idea. Not only does it hamper the taste but also the texture of the dish, especially eggs. When boiling eggs, you must make sure that that boiled eggs are out of the pan on time. Otherwise, it can ruin the texture of egg white completely. In the case of boiled eggs, you should immediately remove them from the heat and cool them in cold water. 

Stop Cooking On High Heat 

Be it the poached eggs or omelette, one should always cook eggs over low to medium heat instead of high flame. The high flame can make the eggs dry and tough whereas when cooked over low flame, the eggs will bring out the perfect tender texture.  

Stop Being Negligent About Preheating The Pans 

Preheating the pan is as essential as using the right technique for making eggs. Preheating the pan helps in shaping the taste and texture. Whenever you are making scrambled egg or egg bhurji, preheating the pan should be a must for even cooking. 

Stop Adding Eggs To The Boiling Water 

Whenever you are making hard-boiled eggs, it is extremely essential to not add them to the boiling water. What you can do is place these eggs in the cold water and then, bring the water to a boil. Next, reduce heat and simmer. This can prevent cracked shells. 

Stop Using The Inappropriate Metals 

While cooking eggs, one should make sure that the right metal is used. One should avoid using metals that can lead to the corrosion of the pan’s coating. It is better to use silicone, nylon, or wooden utensils to prevent the surface from getting damaged. 

Keep a check on these mistakes and see if you witness a change?