Umbadiyu To Adadiya: 5 Winter Special Delicacies From Gujarat
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Gujaratis love eating food and also serving it to their guests. The food practices in Gujarat in summer are very different as compared to winter. In winter, warmer foods like Undhiyu and bajra rotla are prepared to give the needed warmth to the body. All of these foods have nutritional benefits and also are quite tempting. Today we will discuss some seasonal winter varieties of delicious food that you can find in Gujarat. Let's have a look.

* Undhiyu

Undhiyu is also famously known as the king of Gujarati cuisine. It is a celebratory dish that is prepared by mixing some of the choicest ingredients. It is prepared by a mixture of eggplant, potatoes, yam, green peas, methi, raw bananas and some paper together. All of these are tossed together with the help of some spices. It is topped with the delicious garlic Chutney that is made with garlic and green chillies. It is enjoyed with some deep-fried puris and is a comfort food for many Gujaratis. It is one of those meals that people like to eat with their whole family while having a good time.

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* Gundak Pak

Gundak Pak is one of the most relished Gujarati food, especially during cooler seasons. Gujaratis have an undying love for desi ghee and this is one dish that is prepared by using ample desi ghee. Gundar is a yellowish translucent edible gum that is extracted from the bark of a tree. It is very healthy for our body and gives it the needed nourishment during the winter season. It also helps in strengthening our immunity. This is mixed with some ghee, milk, sugar, and a lot of dry fruits. This is prepared in a Barfi-like form and having this every morning with a glass of milk can be your complete breakfast.

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* Umbadiyu

Umbadiyu is a very dark, smokey and healthy dish that is prepared in the Southern belt of Gujarat. It can be called a close cousin of Undhiyu. You will see this being sold on the roadside in the Southern belt of Gujarat a lot. If you ever happen to visit the Southern part of Gujarat, then do not miss the opportunity to grab some Umbadiyu. This is made with some wild black papdi that is taken from the village Bhatta along with sweet potato, brinjal, and Yam.

All of this is marinated with ginger and chilli paste. The special way of preparing this dish Is to cook it in an earthen pot. The pot is sealed with the help of some aromatic leaves and a small hole made in the ground. This hole is covered with hay and cow dung. The dish is cooked for 40 minutes and is one of the most irresistible dishes that you will find in Gujarat.

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* Adadiya Ladwa

Adadiya is from the famous region of Kutch, Gujarat. This dish is believed to have immense healing powers and is a boon for the body during the winter season. This dish is prepared by using some urad Dal that is roasted in a pan with some ghee and a handful of other dry fruits and spices. All of the ingredients that are used in the recipe are very easily available in the market. What makes this recipe special is the fact that it is both sweet and spicy. The contrast of flavours adds richness to the dish and makes it stand out among other dishes. It is a comforting winter dish that you can have with some bajra roti. 

* Spicy Suran

Spicy Suran is made by using sweet potatoes that are available in the winter season. Gujaratis love eating sweet potatoes and there are a lot of sweet potato-based dishes that you will find in Gujarati cuisine. Suran is a special way of eating sweet potatoes as they are rich in vitamin C and minerals and also have a high amount of fibre content. It also helps in preventing our body from unnecessary flu and common cold. People like to make both chips and Bhajiya out of sweet potatoes, as they're considered equally mouthwatering and tempting.

All of these dishes are winter specials from the state of Gujarat. Every state has its specific winter delights and Gujarat is one state that doesn't disappoint you at all.