Make Gujrati-Style Fada Lapsi For Sweet Winter Evenings

The delicious treat known as lapsi halwa is incredibly popular in the Indian states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. However, depending on the region, there may be minor differences in the ingredients or preparation technique. In Gujarat, lapsi is sometimes referred to as fada lapsi (if cooked with cracked wheat). In different areas of India, the dish is known by other names including Laapsi, Lapsi Halwa, Dalia Sheera, Lapshi, Gulachi Lapsi, Cracked Wheat Fada, or Cracked Wheat Pudding. 

In most homes, Lapsi is typically cooked with broken or cracked wheat. Kansar, also known as churma ladoo or bhakhri flour in Gujarat, is the name for lapsi made with coarse wheat flour. Since it is believed to bring good luck for the upcoming year, most Gujarati homes would prepare and serve this delicious lapsi on Dhanteras (two days before the celebration of Diwali begins) or on Diwali day for Naivedyam. Less than 30 minutes are required to complete this quick and easy lapsi halwa recipe. To save time and effort, prepare this festive fada Lapsi recipe in the Instant Pot or traditional pressure cooker. 


½ cup ghee 

1 small bark cinnamon 

¼ cup cashew nuts 

⅛ cup raisins 

1 ¼ cup cracked wheat dalia 

4 cup boiling water 

¾ cup sugar 

½ tsp cardamom powder 

8-10 strands saffron 

4 tbsp almonds 

2 tbsp pistachio 

1 tbsp rose petals  


In a pressure cooker, first heat the ghee before adding the cinnamon sticks, cashew nuts, and raisins. Add broken wheat after frying for a few seconds, and roast for 6 to 8 minutes on low to medium heat, or until it turns light brown. Close the cover after adding boiling hot water. Keep the temperature at a medium-low setting. Allow the pressure cooker to naturally cool down after the third whistle. If the dalia is cooked, remove the cover and test a grain by pressing it between your thumb and index finger. If it mashes up easily, it's finished; if not, add some boiling water and pressure cook for an additional 1-2 whistles. Add the sugar or jaggery that has been grated. Stir continuously while cooking until all the moisture has evaporated. Add saffron and cardamom powder. Mix it thoroughly. Turn off the heat, put a lid on the cooker, and let the flavours meld. You'll get the fluffiest laapsi after this stage. Serve in a serving bowl. Add chopped pistachios and almonds on top. 


Make Lapsi aur Gur Ka halwa or Gur Wali Lapsi using jaggery. To add some variation, use caramel. Caramel-flavored Lapsi. 

Why not experiment with vanilla, rosewater, or orange blossom water instead of cardamom and saffron? 

Break the monotony to serve Lapsi only on religious occasions. After a hot Indian meal for gatherings or parties, serve hot lapsi with a scoop of ice cream.