Types Of Bread To Make At Home Using A Bread Maker
Image Credit: Garima Johar

With the rising cases of adulteration and the use of preservatives and artificial colours, everyone is concerned about what they are eating. When it comes to something as basic as eating a loaf of bread, you should pay attention to the ingredients label. However, if you are someone who eats bread almost every day, it’s best to bake your own bread at home. To knead the dough and make it fresh without any hassles, you must consider investing in Glen’s Bread Maker 3034.

The appliance is fully automatic and takes care of every little process, from kneading an airy dough to baking the best aromatic bread. It offers twelve types of settings that help to make various types of bread. Apart from this, the bread maker also has three crust settings for you to make your custom bread. The best part is that your bread will remain warm for at least two hours in the bread maker, so you can carry out your daily errands and enjoy freshly baked bread. Here are some types of bread that you must try making at home using the bread maker.

White Bread

White bread is the staple bread in most of the households. The soft and fluffy loaf of bread is like a blank canvas since it is so versatile. You can literally make anything with classic homemade bread like bread roll, bread pakora, sandwich, French toast, or probably just two toasted slices with butter and jam. If you are a beginner at baking bread, you should start with white bread and then move forward with flavoured bread.

Whole Wheat Bread

Usually, the recipe of a typical loaf of bread uses a majority of all-purpose flour (maida). Since eating anything made with all-purpose flour isn’t healthy and even the store-bought breads are not “100% wheat-based”, you should consider investing in Glen’s Bread Maker 3034. With the bread maker, you can bake bread with white whole wheat flour that has high fibre and nutritional content and eat guilt-free.

Multigrain Bread

Having your own bread maker also gives you the liberty to mix multiple grains and get the most out of your homemade bread. Usually, the recipe includes a mix of whole wheat flour, rye flour, barley flour, and other grains, creating a complex and flavorful loaf. You can also make the multigrain bread healthier and crunchier by adding some oats, nuts, and seeds.

Fruit And Nut Bread

If you want to add a sweet touch to your bread loaf, you can make fruit and nut bread. All you need to do is add some chopped dried fruits and nuts, like cherries, kiwis, raisins, cashew nuts, etc., to the dough. And with the  Glen’s Bread Maker 3034, which comes with a fully automatic atta kneader, kneading the dough with a lot of ingredients would not be a hassle. So, you can enjoy fruity bread with your cup of tea or coffee, all from the comfort of your home.

Garlic Bread

Another indulgent option that you can try with a bread maker is baking a loaf of garlic bread. Apart from chopped garlic, you can also add different types of herbs and oregano to the dough to give your loaf an Italian twist. You can then pair your fragrant garlic bread with a glass of wine or a bowl of creamy pasta and enjoy your creation for a casual evening.