Try These 6 Campfire Mushroom Recipes
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Among all the foraged goods, mushrooms are the most popular among campers. It's the availability, abundance, easy access and versatility that make it a best option when you're preparing foods in the wild. Although cooking wild-caught mushrooms may not always be safe, you can always use clean and prepped mushrooms from home.

While roasting it over open fire remains a widely accepted method, there are many other recipes you can try with mushrooms. Let's explore!

1) Stuffed Campfire Mushrooms

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Round mushrooms that can form a cup after breaking the stem are the best ones to use for making stuffed mushroom recipes. Fill it with minced meat, stir fried veggies or cheese, you can select any filling of choice and make the best stuffed mushrooms ever.

2) Mushroom and Veggie Foil Packets

If stir-frying seems challenging on open fire, some foil packets will do the work. Just toss mushrooms with veggies in some oil and seasonings, wrap it with foil and throw in the fire. While they become tender and delicious you can enjoy other activities and come back to eat it after a few minutes.

3) Skillet Mushroom Rice

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Skillet rice gets flavourful with the addition of hand-picked mushrooms. With a bit of spices, herbs, veggies and some seasonings, you can make it a wholesome one-pot recipe for the entire gang.

4) Campfire Mushroom Wraps

Campfire mushrooms tucked in tortilla and combined with cheese, lettuce, sauce and seasonings, will be your go-to snack for on-the-go nibbles. Include proteins and veggies of choice and don't forget to heat up the wrap once more before eating.

5) Campfire Grilled Mushrooms

Where fire roasted mushrooms get a sweet charred flavour, grilled mushrooms with sauce and dressing delight you with the added flavours. Pair it with bread or rice, or eat it as it is, they taste utterly delicious however you like.

6) Campfire Mushroom Naan Sandwich

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If bread sandwiches seem boring, try making your own naan over a campfire and using it instead of bread for your campfire mushrooms. Naan gets toasty over a campfire and develops a delicious charr that tastes incredibly good with smoky hot mushrooms.