6 Camp-Ready Recipes: No-Fire Cooking For Summer Adventures
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The excitement never settles when it comes to planning a great Summer camp trip after the endearing exams. While camping activities help in engaging kids with lots of fun activities that develops their personality, a main aspect of it is cooking too. However, letting children use fire for cooking may be quite unsafe.

However, making children familiar with all the necessary survival skills like cooking helps in  fostering self-sufficiency and instilling a sense of confidence in their ability to face various situations independently. However, cooking doesn't always require fire and there are several recipes as easy as a child's play that comes out delicious effortlessly.

From a simple sandwich to some delicious roll-ups, here are the best six no-cook recipes you can teach your children to make them prepared for the summer camp!

1) Summer Sandwiches

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Summer sandwiches include all the fresh summer produce with the option of veg and non-veg protein. This recipe comes together without fire and only includes basic ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, fruits, cucumber and cheese. You can also make peanut butter jelly sandwiches, chocolate sandwiches and so many other options.

2) Salads

Salads don't require any cooking. All you need to do is dice the veggies and fruits up,combine them together with salad dressing and just eat it up! Adding sour cream and yogurt can elevate the flavours even more. Also, with all healthy ingredients like sprouts, proteins, different vegetables and fruits, you can be assured that your child is eating right even when away from home.

3) Chaat

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The genius of chaat leaves everyone aback with its simplicity and mesmerising flavours. The combination of all healthy ingredients, crunchy krispies and a dash of chaat masala is one of the most liked snacks for people of all ages in India. You can try many variations of chaat like sprouts chaat, fruit chaat, chickpea chaat, bhel and papdi chaat.

4) Fruit Skewers

When you ask kids to eat fruit from the bowl, it might not be appealing to them. But the same fruits when skewered with sticks and presented like a gourmet treat spikes interest and makes it adventurous. Plus you can try various different combos with colour pops and flavours to make it interesting.

5) Avocado Toast

Plain avocado toast is just delicious on its own. The creaminess of avocado spreaded over toasty bread feels like a revelation when hunger pangs strikes. It is also the best snack that anyone can whip up along the way.

6) Cereal Bowls

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Making cereal bowls with favourite ingredients becomes an engaging activity where children can make it creative. Whether its inclusion of fruits or chocolate syrup, cereals become a healthy no-cook snack option with several possibilities.