Try These 5 Halwa Recipes To Make Your Republic Day A Delightful One
Image Credit: Source: foodievipul/Instagram

It is India’s 73rd Republic Day and we as the citizens of this nation have all the reasons to celebrate this day with all fervour. Talking of food, let’s explore our culinary skills a bit on this occasion and indulge in some yummy halwa recipes.

Among other sweets and desserts, halwa has been a favourite in every household. This all-occasion delicacy comes in various tastes and flavours, reflecting the very diversity of our nation’s cultural fabric. As you get into the patriotic spirit to enjoy Republic Day 2022 with your family and loved ones, we bring you an array of halwa recipes that can be the perfect item on the table to celebrate the day.

1. Gajar Ka Halwa

As we are slowly bidding adieu to the bountiful winter season, it’s also the best time to make the most out of it. And how can we miss mentioning gajar ka halwa while talking about the winter delicacies?

2. Sooji Halwa

Who doesn’t love a generous serving of sooji halwa with ghee, dry fruits and a hint of cardamom in it? Well, we swear by it. Follow this easy and quick recipe below and make yourself a comforting bowl of delicious sooji halwa to celebrate Republic Day.

3. Atte-Gud Ka Halwa

A personal favourite for many, atte-gud ka halwa is one of the best halwas to relish during the chilly winter days. Apart from its nutritional benefits, this dessert also comes with a distinct flavour, and has an excellent texture that will make you ask for more.

4. Besan Halwa

Indulge in this melting-in-mouth, silky and delicious halwa this Republic Day with this easy recipe. The delicacy oozes with ghee and dry fruits and is all things yummy, silky smooth and aromatic.