Try Chef Harihar's Vegetable Crystal Dumplings Recipe At Home
Image Credit: Vegetable Crystal Dumplings/China Bistro

The history of dumplings tells us that they originated during Han dynasty’s rule in China. While the original dumplings were made with the intention to survive the cold weather and prevent frostbite, they have become a popular appetizer these days. When you head out for an Asian meal, be it Chinese, Japanese or Korean, you’d find authentic dumplings, specific to their culture, on the menu. 

The Korean, for instance, call them mandu. Whatever be the name or shape, it is the way in which the dumplings are made and ingredients they are stuffed with that makes all the difference. Chef Harihar Biswal- Brand Head Chef at China Bistro, Mumbai, shares a delectable vegetable crystal dumpling recipe. The pure white dumplings with closed peaks on top are filled with asparagus, water chestnuts, ginger, chilli and much more and ooze indulgence in every bite. The dumplings can be paired with a hot sauce and served as soon as they are steamed for the best flavour. 

Here is the recipe for you to try at home. 


    50 gm small cube water chestnut

    35 gm small cube asparagus

    35 gm small cube carrot

    30 gm black fungus 

    5 gm chopped ginger 

    3 gm chopped chilli

Source: Vegetable Crystal Dumplings/China Bistro

    Mix 100 gm of potato starch with hot water and make a dough. 

    Now cut this piecewise into a round disc about 3 to 3 and a half inches in diameter. 

    Add stuffing of water chestnut, asparagus, carrot and black fungus. 

    Steam it.

    Serve with black pepper & fragrant chili sauce.