Try 4 Drinks That Prevent Bloating
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There are many, many reasons why you might be experiencing stomach bloating, from eating a large, delicious meal to having a new or long-term health problem, but there are frustratingly few solutions to alleviate the ailment, which affects everyone occasionally. The good news is that there are several drinks you can drink when you're experiencing digestive issues and searching for some rapid relief, just as there are numerous foods that can naturally relieve bloating. Here are several drinks you can sip on to calm your stomach, whether your stomach is feeling full and uneasy after a big, salty dinner or you're discovering that you feel bloated more frequently these days. The good news is that you may already have some of these incredibly nutritious options at home.

Peppermint Tea

We have some bad news for coffee addicts who struggle with bloat as a result of IBS or other digestive issues: According to qualified dietitian Ashvini Mashru, who was speaking to Women's Health in 2016, black coffee can induce bloating because of its high acidity, which can irritate your stomach lining and result in swelling. A fantastic alternative is peppermint tea, which, according to certified dietitian Amy Shapiro, can help with all types of digestive problems, from period cramps and aches to IBS-related symptoms like gas and bloating. In essence, peppermint tea relieves bloating by relaxing your muscles and allowing food, liquids, or trapped air and gas to move through more quickly.

Coconut Water

When you need to lessen stomach bloating, sip coconut water. It helps maintain normal fluid levels in our bodies and regulates electrolyte levels because it has the same amount of potassium as bananas. Keep in mind that a banana only has 422 mg of potassium per cup, whereas coconut water has 600 mg. Additionally, when you feel like you're holding water, it's a tasty way to stay hydrated.

Lemon And Honey

Water is one of the best beverages to have in the morning. Better still, mix in some honey and lemon juice. Lemon has been recommended as the best flavouring for your morning water. The 'Agni' in your stomach is stimulated by lemon juice, according to Ayurveda. This facilitates the breakdown of toxins in the gut and aids in digestion. As you sip warm lemon water in the morning, you'll see an immediate reduction in bloating. Lemon and honey both help to lessen bloating in different ways. Natural components found in honey aid in gas relief, strengthen the stomach lining and treat indigestion.

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No, you don't need to spend a lot of money on fancy fennel tea bags to attempt this bloating cure. Simply add fennel seeds, whole or crushed, to boiling water. After 10 minutes, sieve it, then enjoy! Fennel seeds increase metabolism and digestion. It encourages the synthesis of gastric enzymes that treat the symptoms of constipation, indigestion, and IBS. All of these help to decrease water retention and belly fat. Fennel may also reduce appetite.