Tried These Vegetables With Unusual Colours?

We have always believed that tomato is red and garlic is white but what if I tell you that this is not it? These vegetables are also available in many different colours. No, they are not coloured artificially but have natural colours and look a lot different. Not only this, some of these vegetables are even healthier than their regular counterparts. Wanna know what are those usual vegetables? Have a look! 

Black Garlic 

Garlic is a quintessential ingredient used in almost every household but have you heard of black garlic? This is not a distinct garlic variety but the one aged. Some molecules break down as the garlic ages and this makes the garlic black. Black garlic. Health-wise, this garlic is more beneficial as it has more antioxidants than regular garlic. 

Purple Potatoes 

These potatoes have purple skin and a purple interior. However, their colour does not impact their taste. All purple potatoes taste just like regular potatoes. However, the purple pigment molecules are significant antioxidants. 

Black Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are always red; how can they be black? But to your surprise, black tomatoes do exist. They look strange and have a smoky and savoury taste. Black tomatoes are considered more interesting than regular ones but still don’t find any takers in the market. Tried it ever? 

Blue Pumpkin 

Many of you won’t know that pumpkins are available in many colours but blue looks more interesting. A blue pumpkin variety is the Australian Blue pumpkin or Jarrahdale. Generally, these blue pumpkins have blue skin while their flesh remains to be in the usual orange colour that we are all familiar with. 

Purple Cauliflower 

Yes, you read that right. Purple cauliflower clearly looks more beautiful as compared to white ones. It has a purple colour because of the anthocyanin and is a little nuttier and sweeter as compared to its whiter counterparts. Do give it a try whenever you get a chance.  

Yellow carrots 

We have all seen orange carrots, red carrots, and even black carrots. But have you heard of yellow carrots? We will tell you.  Yellow carrots are sweeter as compared to their red counterpart and have a higher content of nutrients.  

So, don't miss trying these vegetables whenever you get a chance!