Delhi Establishments That Serve Unusual Coffees

Delhi is home to so much great food, including both regional and international cuisine. Besides food, there’s also no dearth of interesting drinks, be it cocktails or hot drinks like tea and coffee. Both cafes and restaurants excel at preparing tasty concoctions with unusual ingredients. If the ingredients aren’t unusual, the serving style is. From cona coffee to matcha lattes, there’s a gimmick to please everyone. We list some unusual coffees that Delhi establishments serve: 

Cona coffee at United Coffee House

Served in apparatus that most people associate with chemistry labs, United Coffee House’s cona coffee is gimmicky but has caught the attention of customers for years. A spherical beaker on a stand holds the coffee, which is later poured into cups for patrons to enjoy. Cona coffee is usually served black but milk or sugar may be requested and added to it. United Coffee House has gone on to become an iconic establishment over the years and cona coffee is an important part of that legacy. 

Vietnamese coffee at Perch

Vietnamese coffee uses condensed milk as a substitute for regular milk and is made by mixing black coffee that drips from a filter into condensed milk that is usually collected as a layer in the serving cup. It’s almost a dessert rather than a coffee considering how sweet condensed milk is. The consistency of Vietnamese coffee is also thicker than regular coffee. Perch, a much loved cafe and wine bar, has Vietnamese coffee on its menu as both hot and iced versions. 

Matcha latte at Cafe Dori

Matcha is essentially powdered green tea that is whipped into water to create a brew. While matcha lattes have become quite the trend abroad, they’re still rare to find in India. Cafe Dori uses high quality matcha in its matcha latte, which also has a layer of foam on the top. The drink is in line with the statement that Cafe Dori makes, which is of being a cool, contemporary cafe that takes pride in modern food and drinks. 

Nutmeg-flavoured coffee at Carnatic Cafe

Black coffee with a hint of nutmeg makes the ideal accompaniment to desserts like kesari bhath at Carnatic Cafe. Besides being a companion to dessert, it is also great when partnered with dosa or idlis or even as a post meal palate cleanser. Carnatic Cafe’s filter coffee may be a bestseller, but the black coffee with nutmeg is certainly worth trying if you visit the restaurant. The lightly spiced brew is perfect for cold mornings or rainy afternoons and evenings.