Tried These Not-So-Common Idli Avatars?

Whenever you hear sambar, two things come straight come to your mind. Either it is idli or it is dosa. This piece is dedicated to light, humble and simple idlis. Savory rice cakes made with steaming of urad dal and rice batter, idlis qualify as an ideal breakfast because of the ingredients used in making. When served with chutney or sambar, they can literally take you to foodie heaven. Idlis are considered healthy because of many reasons. It has no fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol. Great, isn’t it? 

If some food legends are to be believed, idli first originated in Indonesia. It came to India during 800-1200 CE in the form of steamed idli. It is believed that the word is derived from ‘Iddalige’, and also finds its mention in a Kannada work of 920 AD. Tamil people first mentioned it as ‘Itali’ in the 17th century. You didn’t know this, did you? Since we have talked so much about idlis, let us show you some healthy idli avatars. Are you ready? 

Spinach Idli 

Yes, your traditional and desi idli gets a makeover. This idli has spinach in it which takes its taste and health benefits to the next level. All you have to do is mix the boiled spinach paste in the idli batter and make idlis like you usually do. These idlis look tempting and can make your kids drool. Believe me! 

Oats Idli 

We all know about oats and we all know about idli, but have you ever tried oats idli? These idlis are light and fluffy and perfect for those struggling hard to lose weight. Made up of oats, semolina, curd, and spices, this idli requires no fermentation and gets ready in no time. You can have this idli with sambar or your favourite chutney. 

Ragi Idli 

Ragi is a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals and this time, it has made our idli special. Ragi idli is made up of finger millet or what we call ragi and urad dal. You can have this idli for breakfast or literally any time of the day. They taste amazing and are much healthier than you could have ever thought. 

Dalia Idli 

Made up of broken wheat, these idlis are super tasty, super fluffy, and super healthy. The idli, made up of dalia or broken wheat, keeps your stomach full for a longer time and thus, aids weight management. You can have it for your breakfast without any guilt. Whatsay? 

Moong Dal Idli 

I don’t think there is a better version of idli than this. Moong dal idli is loaded with protein and extremely beneficial for health. These idlis are soft and fluffy. You can add spices and veggies of your choice to the batter and serve it with chutney. Don’t forget to try this healthy idli at home. 

See ya!