Trending: Ranveer Singh’s Diet Tips To Maintain An Envious Body
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh recently broke the internet when he went completely nude for his latest photoshoot for a magazine cover. As the internet went berserk looking at the pictures, most of them were simply surprised at the level of fitness the actor displayed. The 83 actor is definitely one of the talented actors in town, with his muscular yet lean body giving a hard time to many of his contemporaries. 

Now, don’t you think for an envious physique like that, one needs to have a disciplined lifestyle and diet? And Ranveer sure does have some. Besides a rigorous workout regime, including intense cardio and weight training, Ranveer follows a specific diet plan that supports his fitness routine. If you too are stunned by his lean and fit body, we’ve got you diet tips from his routine that you can follow too. Time to make a note. 

1. High Protein Low Fat 

Like anyone looking to keep the fat in check, Ranveer too focuses on a diet which is rich in protein but low on fat. Protein helps build muscles and prevents chances of weight gain. They are the building blocks of the human body and help in repairing tissues, building muscles and other growth and development functions making it one of the fundamental components of our diet. 

2. Multiple Small Meals 

Instead of three big meals, Ranveer likes his diet split in multiple small meals that he consumes in regular intervals. So, he has divided his meals to be consumed every three hours, and makes sure to never skip a meal. It not only allows enough time for the body to use the majority of consumed calories as fuels, it has also been proven to help lose weight and encourage a healthy lifestyle. 

3. Wholesome Meals 

Boiled eggs with fresh fruits and vegetables are what comprises Ranveer’s morning meal. That is quite a good amount of protein. For lunch, the actor likes some protein too along with little carbs. He rotates his meals between chicken, stir-fried lamb with veggies and salmon. Dinner involves only protein with small portions of either chicken or fish. Chicken being lean meat, doesn’t add up to a lot of fat. 

4. Healthy Snacking 

Ranveer’s snacking routine too is a healthy one. Staying clear of fat or carbs, his snacks usually involve fruits, dry fruits, nuts and protein shakes occasionally. This simply adds more proteins and other nutrients and keep unwanted hunger pangs at bay.

5. No Alcohol 

Ranveer believes that a lot of credit for his physique goes to him not drinking alcohol. According to experts, alcohol tends to weaken your immune system, and that’s the last thing you want when training hard for those solid six-pack abs. Alcohol can cut down the effects on the workout that you’ve done before drinking. Thus, he tries to cut down alcohol from his diet as much as possible.