Shilpa Shetty’s Diet And Fitness Secrets You’d Want To Steal
Image Credit: Instagram @theshilpashetty

At 47, Shilpa Shetty is easily one of the fittest actors of tinsel town. She was last seen in Nikamma, where she shared screen space with actors Abhimanyu Dassani and Shirley Setia. Apart from acting, Shilpa has her hands full with her other business ventures, Shilpa is a successful restaurateur, author, she has her own YouTube channel, and yet, she always manages to find time for herself and her body. Inspired much? A strong advocate of Yoga, Shilpa likes to eat clean and seasonal foods and encourages her kids to do the same. On Sundays, you may see her bingeing on the most decadent wraps, pizzas, desserts and what not, but on days she is not ‘cheating’, she is rather disciplined. Here are some tips you would like to steal.

The Breakfast Of Champions

Breakfast is very important for Shilpa, she said in an interview, that it is crucial for both your brain and body. Shilpa likes to keep a healthy mix of protein, fibre and fat in her breakfast. Even on sets, she does not forget to tuck into something nutritious. Remember the time she shared a story of her happily munching on Idli while getting her hair done, she called herself a ‘breakfast gal’, and that is your cue to never miss your breakfast, come what may. Shilpa’s typical breakfast favourites are apples, mangoes, coconut milk-based porridge. She also likes her desi chilas and upmas a lot.  

Crash Dieting, A Big No   

Shilpa is not the one for starving and crash diets, in fact, she consumes multiple small meals a day, as it helps keep your metabolism active and running. Even on her YouTube channel, you would find many healthy snacking recipes like hung curd sandwiches and tadka idli. The actress believes in eating foods that not only satiate you, but at the same time offer many nutrients, manage weight and give you a natural glow.

Cutting Back On Dairy

While Shilpa has never confirmed being a vegan, but her choices sure seem to indicate that she loves the #veganlife, one of the significant steps she took recently was the decision to cut back on dairy. Shilpa supposedly swears by coconut milk as that has helped her maintain her weight, and has worked wonders for her skin too. She is all for reinventing one’s diet from time to time and healthy substitutes, like coconut milk for cow’s milk.  

No Sugar Zone

Shilpa steers clear of sugar as much as she can (we honestly wonder how she manages to eat so many desserts for her Sunday Binges and still look so fab). If you are trying to lose weight, white sugar is something you should keep a safe distance from. Shilpa prefers honey, powdered jaggery or coconut sugar as healthier alternatives, maybe you should take a cue too.  

Keeping It Desi

Shilpa confessed in an interview that her favourite cuisine is indeed Indian, and her comfort food is anything plain and simple cooked by her mum. That’s not all, when she wrote her first book, ‘The Great Indian Diet’ with nutritionist Luke Coutinho, she also professed her deep love for ghee. The Indian clarified butter. The actress confessed to having 1 tbsp of ghee everyday with lunch.  

What About Dinner?

Shilpa likes to keep her dinner light, and likes to eat most of her food before 7pm. She is also said to follow the Ayurvedic practice of not having anything raw after 6.30pm, as it is harder to digest the same when your body is trying to wind down. In an interview to HT, she said that she does not have anything after 8pm, and avoids aerated drinks and junk foods. She also loves having soups for her dinner. As they are easy to digest, high on nutrition, comforting and low in calories.