Trending: Japanese Artist Turns Bread Slice Into Canvas And Marvels The Internet
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, From eggs to famous personalities, this Japanese artist has made the bread a beautiful canvas.

Have you heard about mood boards? Interior designers and fashion experts use these to get a sense of the theme and vibe of a place or a personality. This helps them to understand the essence of their work better and therefore, they are able to give structured creative solutions. Similarly, for chefs, it is usually the ingredients and the cooking technique that make all the difference. A simple chocolate brownie or a nitrogen-infused gastronomic marvel is what makes a dish stand apart from the others. What about artists then? They took take inspiration from their surroundings. In all these cases, presentation is the key. 

When you serve biryani in a traditional handi, it appears to be more authentic and appealing than simply placed on a plate. This Japanese artist seems to have taken presentation too seriously as he shifted his skills from a canvas to a slice of bread. Yes, you read that right. This newbie artist has been marveling the Internet with his creative depictions on a humble slice of bread. The Instagram user, Manami Sasaki has taken the netizens by storm with his eye-catching artworks. Don’t believe us? Here, take a look. 

From eggs, berries, tomatoes and other edible items that are topped on bread, the artist has also managed to replicate entire sceneries and portraits on the evenly-cut square slice. The variety of portrayals on the bread and the vibrant colours is what attracts us the most. Through a simple slice of bread, he seems to bring these events and people to life, almost like a 3-D effect. 

Source: Sasamana1204/Instagram

Source: Sasamana1204/Instagram

The artist revealed in an interview with Vogue that she picked up the toast art during the pandemic with a lot of time to spare. Putting her creative energies to good use, she started creating art on toast and well, it turned out to be great. While her artwork seems to be tempting and beautiful at the same time, we’ve got some bread snacks to satiate your hunger now. 

Source: Sasamana1204/Instagram

1.  Egg Bread Bowls 

The first thing you look for when you wake up in the morning is some breakfast. Why have the same old boring eggs when you can spruce up your breakfast with these delicious bowls. Poached eggs are dunked into the bowl-shaped bread and baked. Sprinkle some chopped onions on top and you are good to go. 

2.  Bread Pudding Using Challah Bread 

Challah is a specialty of the Jews. This braided bread is used to make a delicious pudding. The chunky bread soaked in milk and eggs gives a tantalizing flavour. This works as a great dessert and snack. 

3.  Pegasus Garlic Bread 

Take a long loaf of French bread and slather it with a delicious herby mixture. Melted butter, chopped garlic, parsley, herbs, chilli flakes and more are mixed together. This is spread on the cut-out loaf which is then drizzled with grated cheese. Finally, it is baked and relished to the core.