Treats That Will Take You Back To The School Days

A lot of our childhood memories are associated with food. Isn’t it? Sometimes even the smallest of things take us back to wonderful days when we used to enjoy every moment with no worries at all. I personally think that school days were the best. When I was in school, I used to think that a poor soul has to study a lot but now I think that those days were the best time of my life.

Lunch breaks were the best part. I used to wait for my lunch so that I can see what my mother has packed in. There were certain dishes that used to bring happiness not only to me but to all others who were my age. If you also feel excited with just the sight of the food that you enjoyed in your childhood days, it’s time to travel down the memory lane. Let us talk about those dishes that used to bring a wide smile to our faces. Are you ready?


We cannot disagree that cutlets are one of our favourite childhood snacks. If I am asked, I would have these snack-sized meals throughout the day. Made with potato and lots of love, cutlets go well with tomato sauce. This was my go-to tiffin snack during my school days. Cutlets hold a really special place in my heart.


It is something that has made our childhood special. Maggi is soul food and comforts us even now. Maggi has been the most special meal that we used to carry in our tiffins. The best thing about it is that even the worst cooks among us can cook it and the 2-minute advertising jingle still lingers with memories of satisfying hunger.

Bread Pizza

We all love pizzas, isn’t it? But the most special ones have always been and always will be bread pizzas. My mother used to make these delights for my tiffin, and I used to wait eagerly to have them. These little pizzas get ready in no time and taste delicious.

Bread Pakora

These fried bread delights when served with green chutney can show you a really good time. Be it with or without stuffed masala potatoes, they taste soo good and remind me of my school days. Though it may have a lot of fats and calories, it comforts the soul and satisfies the taste buds.

Parantha Aachar

Even now when I don’t find anything to eat, I just grab a parantha, put a spoonful of mango pickle on it, and have the best time ever. No matter how fancy you eat, parantha-aachar can be your go-to meal. When I have parantha-aachar, I don’t need anything else. What about you?

These were the top picks that take me back to my childhood days. What do you think??