Desi Comfort Foods That Are Reminders Of Childhood
Image Credit: Comorin | One of the most comforting sweet snacks, malai cheeni toast is a reminder of childhood for many people.

Comfort food can be defined as food that makes people feel especially good. While the west has mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, India has its own instant noodles and regional specialties. Some Indian comfort foods also have nostalgia attached to them, as mothers tend to make them for children who grow up and crave the same dishes. Here are five Indian comfort foods that are reminders of childhood:

Malai Cheeni Toast

One of the most comforting sweet snacks, malai cheeni toast is a reminder of childhood for many people. It is made with slices of bread that have been toasted, on top of which a generous quantity of malai is spread. Sugar crystals are then sprinkled on the malai. Malai cheeni toast tastes best when made with white bread, although other varieties may also be used. It is often eaten as a snack by children who rush home after playtime, made by doting mothers who want their kids to be able to enjoy something sweet while also giving them a rush of energy. 

Curd rice

A popular desi comfort food, curd rice is popular not just in South India (where it hails from) but also in other kitchens in the country. The dish is simple and versatile, and goes well with different kinds of pickles. Curd rice is made by combining curd with cooked rice and salt, and then adding a tadka of mustard seeds and curry leaves to it. Dried red chillies may also be used. The result is an irresistible dish that is salty and comforting. Many people prepare and eat curd rice when they are ill, as it is light on the stomach. 

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The nostalgic value and comfort associated with Maggi is unparalleled. Be it plain or with vegetables, cheese or egg, Maggi is enjoyed with both kids and adults alike. It’s a quick and easy meal that doesn’t require much effort and is also very satisfying. While homemade Maggi is the go-to dish for many on a cold or rainy day, a lot of people also find joy in stopping by street vendors who make and sell the instant noodles. Street stalls prepare Maggi as per personal tastes—dry or soupy—and serve it with a steaming cup of tea.

Aloo chaat

Most chaatwalas have a large kadhai in which hot oil bubbles and chunks of potato are thrown in until they turn golden brown. These crispy chunks are then removed from the oil and coated in chutney and masala, and served in donas with toothpicks. Customers cautiously take bites of the potatoes since they are piping hot, and can often be seen asking for extra masala. Most chaat lovers have tried aloo chaat at their local chaatwala. It’s a snack that uplifts spirits and makes a good accompaniment to other varieties of chaat like gol guppas and bhel puri. 

Aloo ke parathe

Mornings are made brighter with aloo parathas for breakfast, served with big cubes of butter, yogurt and pickle. They are the go-to breakfast that most North Indian mothers prepare for their children, giving them a good dose of carbs for the day. Aloo parathas may use spiced aloo or onions and green chillies too. Those who have grown up eating aloo ke parathe, be it for breakfast or just as a comfort food when they were feeling down, know and understand the appeal of this traditional meal.