Travelling? Here Are The Food Items You Can Carry With You
Image Credit: Jeera Aloo/

Being Indian is all about experiencing new things, travelling, and having fun with friends and family. With all of this, we frequently worry about how to prepare meals when travelling, what to pack for long bus or rail rides, what simple recipes can be made for such a voyage, and much more. Packed homemade food is an important part of travel. It takes care of your pocket and sudden hunger pangs that hit you. You don't have to unnecessarily stop in between if you have prepacked food with you. It is something about sharing packed food with your loved ones while travelling! It keeps you connected and gives a different kind of satisfaction.

Here's what you can carry on your trips

Jeera aloo and Parantha

Stopping in the middle of the highway and eating your home-cooked food while enjoying the scenery is a heavenly feeling. In this recipe, the potato slices are cooked in oil and jeera. It is a dry aloo sabzi that is a little spicy and has a strong flavour of jeera. Being a dry sabzi, you won't have to worry about it spilling. It's easy to carry and tastes amazing with a plain parantha.


Karela is the staple on the go sabzi that almost every Indian family makes before going somewhere. It doesn't get spoiled easily and tastes amazing with parantha. Usually, it is made with mild spices and without tomatoes. These are cooked with onions and chillies to add a spicy twist to your road trip. Tomatoes increase the chances of food getting spoiled so it is usually avoided in this recipe.

Cucumber and butter sandwich

These sandwiches are a perfect snack for your trips. All you have to do is spread some butter on the bread slices, place cucumber slices and top it with some salt and pepper. It is a nice and simple sandwich that tastes amazing with tomato ketchup. You can carry ketchup pouches with you. These won't get spoiled and will take care of your hunger pangs.


Pulao is easy and quick to make when going on a trip. You can add onions, potatoes, carrots and beans and cook them with good whole spices. It will add an aromatic touch to your dish and will prevent them from going bad. Avoid adding tomatoes to the dish and you're good to go. You can carry a pickle with you and have it with the pulao. Pickles and pulao are a great combination that will serve your taste buds and satiate your hunger.