Long-Lasting Snacks You Can Carry To Your Road Trips
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Long vacations with friends and family are ideal during the summer. As summer holidays are the best time to travel, it is now the official holiday season in India. More intimate than flying or taking the train, road excursions with friends and family are always enjoyable. Whether stopping for a meal at a roadside Dhaba or bringing sandwiches from home, car trips feel incomplete without constant food ingestion. Road trips are all about food. The packed sandwiches, homemade lunch, dhabha wali chai and roadside snack stalls are all the highlights of a great road trip. The journey is always better than the destination! However, bringing packaged food on a long car journey increases the likelihood that it will spoil, especially in unfavourable weather. The scorching heat and the humid weather have a higher chance of spoiling the food. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

Here are some snacks you can carry to your road trips without any fear of them getting spoiled-


The best snack available, chaklis are portable and convenient for travel. This dry, lengthy-shelf-life Gujarati snack is comprised of seasoned rice flour. When kept in an airtight jar, chaklis don't spoil easily and last a long time. Bengal gram (chickpea) flour, rice flour, and black gram flour are used to make chakli (urad dal). Salt, asafoetida powder, oil, sesame seeds, red pepper powder, turmeric powder, and coriander seed powder are additional ingredients. In some variants, green gram (moong) and pigeon pea (tuar/arhar) is used in place of black gram.


Muffins are individually sized baked goods with a "moist, coarse-grained" texture. Both savoury muffins like cornmeal and cheese muffins and sweet muffins like blueberry, chocolate chip, lemon, or banana flavours are available. Muffins that have been sweetened might range from those that have been mildly sweetened to those that are "richer in fat and sugar than many cakes. They are available ready-made and can also be made at home. They are less likely to get spoiled during the heat.

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1. Make a plan and make sure you have extra disposables in your bag.

2. Food items that are brittle and fragile and could break should not be transported.

3. Pack the food bag the night before and don't leave anything to the last minute.

4. Packing dry foods is generally the greatest option for the vacation because you want to make sure that the food you carry doesn't spill or make a mess.