Tortillas For Breakfast: 5 Ways To Stuff Them Up Just Right
Image Credit: Breakfast Burrito

Oftentimes, we have leftovers from the previous night’s dinner in the refrigerator. Be it rice or rotis, we tend to whip up something interesting with them for breakfast the next morning. In such a case, tortillas can also come to your rescue. The thin and round flatbreads from Mexico can be a delightful base for wraps, burritos, and more.

The tortillas can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients - from fruits like avocados, lentils like kidney beans to proteins such as tofu, eggs, and chicken. Easy to make and very filling for the first meal of the day, tortillas can add an interesting twist to your breakfast table.

Here are a few tortilla-based breakfast recipes that you just can’t miss.  

1.  Fried Avocado Tacos  

The first best thing that comes to mind when one thinks of tortillas has to be tacos. The open-faced wraps from Mexico are quite a hit during the main meals. To give them a breakfast spin, avocados are deep-fried in a beer batter and packed with cabbage and pickled red onions. The creamy inside stuffing is made with chipotle sauce and salsa. Warm them up a bit and enjoy.

2.   Mexican Tortilla Pizza  

If you don’t have the time to go through the lengths of cutting and chopping, try this Mexican tortilla pizza. The dish is prepared with the thin tortillas as the base. Next, all you need is some pizza sauce and shredded cheese for topping. Slather the sauce, sprinkle the cheese and bake the dish in an oven until it turns crisp. Be careful not to burn the edges since tortillas are thinner than pizza bases.  

3.   Sweet Potato Black Bean Quesadilla  

A flat wrap made with tortillas, quesadilla is another tasty treat you can make for breakfast. The sweet potato is diced into small cubes. Flavoured with smoked paprika, the potatoes are dunked into the tortilla. Next, black beans that have been rinsed and reduced are added. Add veggies of your choice and finally top with sour cream and salsa.  

4.  Brunch Egg Burrito

This is a wholesome and filling breakfast option. Filled with loads of protein, the burritos are like Mexican rolls or wraps. This one is stuffed with sausage, bacon as well as lightly beaten eggs. Onion, green chillies and jalapenos are added to the mix for flavour and this is heated lightly before serving. Pair with a hot pepper sauce and enjoy.  

5.  Bean And Guacamole Tostada

A tostada is a baked or fried tortilla base. To make this recipe, corn tortillas are used. They are filled with a creamy guacamole and refried bean mix. Mexican cheese, cilantro, jalapenos, salsa and more are added to lend the dish lots of flavour. You can even add chicken if you wish to amp up the proteins.