Top 6 Rainy Day Lunchbox Ideas For The New School Year
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It is freezing; hence, it calls for preparing warm meals all through the rainy season, which comes with many benefits as far as consumerism is concerned. When going to school, only having a lunch box packed with nice, healthy food to eat during break makes the otherwise dull days much better. In India, the recipe for rainy days is full of warm and delicious food, which makes them special and appetising. Through the following part of the article, the writer seeks to share creative lunch ideas that parents and carers can use to prepare meals that kids would be happy to eat when going to school in the new year, with a focus on spices used in Indian food.

1. Hearty Lentil Soups

Lentil soups, such as dal soup or sambar, are ideal for rainy days due to their warmth and nutritional benefits. These soups are rich in protein and essential nutrients, making them a filling and wholesome lunch option. Dal soup is made from various lentils simmered with spices like cumin, turmeric, and garlic, creating a hearty and flavourful broth. Sambar, a South Indian favourite, combines lentils with vegetables like drumsticks, carrots, and beans in a tangy tamarind-based broth. These soups can be paired with rice or enjoyed on their own for a satisfying lunch.

In India, lentil soups are often accompanied by rice or flatbreads like chapati or paratha. Packing a thermos of dal soup or sambar with a side of rice ensures that children have a complete and comforting meal to warm them up on rainy school days.

2. Vegetable Pulao

Pulao, a fragrant rice dish cooked with vegetables and aromatic spices, is a popular lunch option in Indian households. Vegetable pulao is prepared by sautéing rice with vegetables like peas, carrots, and potatoes, along with spices such as cumin, cardamom, and cloves. This dish is light yet satisfying, offering a balance of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Vegetable pulao can be packed in lunchboxes with a side of yoghurt or simple cucumber raita for a refreshing touch.

To add an authentic touch, sprinkle fried onions and cashew nuts on top of the pulao before packing it in the lunchbox. This enhances the flavour and adds a crunchy texture that children will enjoy.

3. Stuffed Parathas

Stuffed parathas are versatile and make for an excellent lunchbox option. These flatbreads are stuffed with a variety of fillings, such as spiced potatoes (aloo paratha), cauliflower (gobi paratha), or paneer (paneer paratha). Stuffed parathas are nutritious and filling, providing carbohydrates, protein, and fibre. They can be accompanied by yoghurt, pickles, or mint chutney for added flavour.

Prepare the parathas with whole wheat flour for added fibre and nutrition. Rolling them out with a dollop of ghee (clarified butter) enhances their taste and makes them more appealing to children.

4. Corn Bhel

Corn bhel is a popular Indian street food snack that is perfect for packing in lunchboxes. It combines steamed corn kernels with chopped onions, tomatoes, and coriander, seasoned with tangy tamarind chutney and chaat masala. Corn bhel is light, refreshing, and provides a burst of flavours and textures, making it a delightful snack option for rainy days.

Add roasted peanuts or sev (crispy chickpea noodles) to the corn bhel to enhance its crunchiness and provide additional protein. This snack can be packed in small containers or zip-lock bags for easy munching during break time.

5. Masala Omelette Rolls

Masala omelette rolls are a nutritious and portable lunchbox idea that children will love. These rolls are made by whisking eggs with onions, tomatoes, green chillies, and spices like turmeric and cumin. The omelette is then rolled in a whole wheat roti or wrap, making it easy to eat on the go. Masala omelette rolls are high in protein and can be paired with a fresh salad or cucumber slices for added nutrition.

Spread a layer of mint or coriander chutney on the roti before rolling the omelette. This adds a burst of flavour and moisture to the rolls, making them more enjoyable for children.

6. Mixed Vegetable Cutlets

Mixed vegetable cutlets are delicious and can be prepared in advance for easy packing in lunchboxes. These cutlets are made from a mixture of mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, and beans, flavoured with spices like garam masala and ginger-garlic paste. They are coated in breadcrumbs and shallow-fried until golden brown and crispy. Mixed vegetable cutlets are a wholesome snack option that provides carbohydrates, fibre, and vitamins.

Serve the cutlets with a tangy tamarind or mint chutney for dipping. This enhances their taste and adds a refreshing element to the meal.

So, prepare these lunchbox delights and watch as your child eagerly looks forward to their rainy-day meals at school.