Top 5 Mexican Snacks To Try
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

A North American country noted for its stunning beaches, Mexico is also popular across the world for its spicy, flavorful cuisine. It offers a diverse selection of dishes and snacks, but what most of us are familiar with are just tacos and quesadillas. Tacos are undoubtedly delicious and toothsome, but you’d be surprised to know how there are a plethora of other delicacies that Mexican cuisine has to offer.  

Move over from your regular chicken stuffed tacos as we’ve got you a list of some delicious Mexican dishes you must bookmark for your next feast.

1. Chilaquiles 

Lightly fried tortilla chips topped with spicy sauces and relishes like green and red salsa, Chilaquiles is one of Mexico’s most loved delicacies. One can find cream, cheese, and chicken bits as popular toppings on it, and it is usually served with cooked beans. While this dish may appear to be nachos to you, it is not. Chilaquiles are soft and eaten with a fork, whereas nachos are firm and eaten as is as a snack.

Image: Pixabay

2. Tostadas 

This is a dish that is often prepared in Mexican homes, and is also enjoyed at many Mexican restaurants. When Mexicans have leftover tacos, they often lightly toast them in oil before topping them with cheese or chicken. This is an excellent way to transform those leftover tacos into an exciting, new and tasty dish. It is also regarded as quite an healthy dish due to its low calorie and high protein content. It's usually paired with guacamole, cream cheese, and sour cream.

3. Pozole 

Pozole is a typical Mexican soup made with chicken, pork, corn, spices, and herbs. It is stewed and simmered for long hours, sometimes even overnight, to achieve the desired flavour. Onions, radishes, limes, and chilies are then topped as garnish. Green, white, or red pozoles are the most common, and they vary depending on the spices, herbs, and sauces used. 

4. Elote

As roasted boiled corns are served on a stick or in a cup, this Mexican street snack is akin to our Indian bhuttas pr corncob. It's made using cheese, butter, mayonnaise, and a variety of Mexican spices to make it absolutely flavourful. This is one of the most popular snacks among Mexicans, and is widely sold on carts by street vendors. 

5. Enchiladas 

These are tortillas with a filling of chicken, pork, fish, or vegetables and a savoury sauce on top. After the well-known tacos, this is Mexico's most popular snack. Apart from chicken and fish, this exquisite meal is also made with bean, potato, and cheese stuffing.  

So, if you are planning a trip to Mexico or even at a local Mexican restaurant anytime soon, we’ve got you covered. And if both these plans are for later, you can even try these dishes at home! Yes, you read that right. Slurrp has got you sorted with endless Mexican recipes to try at home. from classic tacos, Mexican rice and enchiladas to burrito bowls, and so much more, go on and experiment to your heart’s content. Click here for some amazing Mexican recipes.