Top 5 Breakfast Toasts That You Will Love To Whip Up
Image Credit: Pixabay, From avocado to hummus and peanut butter, which breakfast toast do you like the most?

While on the weekdays, your mind is occupied with a plethora of things. Work, meetings, deadlines and what not. It’s only when that Friday feeling hits and you know that you have two days to relax over the weekend that your mind wanders to other things. Things you love and enjoy and can’t wait to try out. Usually, the hectic schedule also takes away the charm of a delicious breakfast. You’re in a hurry to either rush to work or get your laptop in front of you that you just can’t think of making a lavish breakfast in the morning. However, on the weekends you can indulge in whatever you like and make the most elaborate of dishes. While we don’t want you spending the entire morning just making breakfast, we definitely have something in mind when it comes to tasty mornings.  

Bread is a go-to option for quick meals. Easy to make and without much hassle, bread can be simply toasted and slathered with butter to make a butter toast. The crispy slice topped with melted butter and sometimes, jam, is a quick breakfast that you can devour. But it gets boring after a point right? So we have some yummy toast ideas that you can try at home. Layer it with everything, from hummus to mushrooms and avocados and enjoy your breakfast on weekends. 

Here are some toast recipes that you can try. 

1.  Lima Bean, Hummus And Tomato Toast 

Looking for different flavours in one toast? This one is for you then. Slather the toast with a mashed mixture of lima beans which have been thawed. Top it with some creamy and smooth hummus and finally, add some sliced tomatoes to the toast. This gives you a tangy, creamy and crunchy toast with the freshness of veggies. 

2.  Avocado Egg Toast 

Who likes eggs and bread for breakfast? We definitely do. The creamy and fresh guacamole is spread over toasted multi-grain bread. An egg or two are poached to perfection on a pan and placed carefully on the toast. The runny yolk pairs really well with the flavourful avocado. 

3.  Artichoke And Mushroom Toast 

A mix of Portobello and large mushrooms are sliced. Marinated artichokes are slathered on the bread and topped with these mushrooms. On the top goes some mayonnaise, grated Swiss and parmesan cheese and finally, some Italian seasoning for flavour. The combination of mushroom and artichoke is just amazing. 

4.  Caramelized Banana Peanut Butter Toast 

Bananas are sliced into smaller pieces and caramelized. Peanut butter is slathered on a crispy toast and the bananas are spread on top. This is a wholesome breakfast. The crunchiness of the butter and toast are well-balanced with the bananas which are soft and sweet. 

5.  Scrambled Eggs On Toast 

Creamy, soft and delicious scrambled eggs are the perfect accompaniment for a crunchy toast. The yellow-tinted eggs are spruced with some seasonings and herbs and spread on the bread.