Top 10 Places For Telebhaja In Kolkata, As Per City Foodies

If you’re spending even a day in the Kolkata monsoon, you can’t miss out on the joys of a crispy and greasy ‘telebhaja’! Most people confuse telebhaja with other fried snacks but it’s slightly different from popular Bengali fast food options like fish fry or dim-er chop which typically feature a breaded base. Telebhaja like beguni, alu r chop, peyaji etc are usually fried in abesan batter. However, telebhaja shops in Kolkata sell a number of different snacks to offer variety to their customers.

A hot telebhaja is usually accompanied with some murmure or muri and a cup of piping hot tea! So most popular chop joints across Kolkata sell tea as well. You may even find some great telebhaja varieties at neighbourhood sweet shops or breakfast spots; telebhaja are Here are some of the best telebhaja spots in Kolkata, as per city foodies.

Lakshmi Narayan Shaw & Sons, Hatibagan by @_foodexploring

One of the most famous snack shops in North Kolkata, this one is often called ‘Netaji’s chop; while most believe it’s earned the name since its entrance features artwork featuring Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, locals say this shop has a connection to Netaji. Laxmi Narayan Shaw and Sons was established in 1918 by Khedu Shaw. During the freedom movement, Bose and others would often hold meetings across the street and this snack joint would often supply their fritters to the freedom fighters.

Kalika, College Street by @FlavouredFantasia

Kalika is a big favourite among Kolkata foodies owing to its varied array of snacks. It sells prawn fry, mango chop and aloo chop at just Rs 10; the 59-year-old shop gained popularity owing to its terrific quality and freshly fried fritters. Sukumar Dutta started this iconic shop with Aloo Chop, Beguni, Phuluri and Mochar Chop, which was a rare delicacy barely available in stores at the time. Kalika sees quite a rush of customers during peak teatimes, so if you plan on commuting there, you must plan ahead.

Jihobar Jol, Dhakuria by @FlavouredFantasia

Although North Kolkata has a staggering number of heritage snack shops, South Kolkata boasts quite a few gems which serve a vast line-up. Jihobar Jol in Dhakuria is one such shop which serves nearly 40-50 kinds of different ‘telebhaja’ varieties. You might be tempted to try out some of the unusual or rare snacks, but don’t miss out on the classic alu r chop and peyaji which are still the best-sellers.

Dipika'r Kitchen & Caterer, Jadavpur by @petuk_kotha

This neighbourhood hideaway near 8B bus stand is a huge with city foodies who enjoy a diverse menu and this South Kolkata shop is perhaps the most famous for its non-vegetarian options. Unlike most telebhaja joints, Dipika’s Kitchen also serves some old-school classics like chicken ala kiev and bhetki rolls. Moreover, they also serve a stellar paturi, that too at great rates. Don’t forget the prawn cutlet and mutton delicacies.

Basanta Cabin, College Street by @bujus_food_estoria_

Basanta Cabin’s kabiraji was once one of the most famous snacks in Kolkata; this shop still remains a big favourite with its regulars. If you love cabin-style traditional telebhaja and snacks, this would impress you. Besides the Kabiraji, the fish fry and the special Mughlai have also garnered a serious audience. Moreover, customers also enjoy their thalis and combos which are available at good rates.

Dilkhusa Cabin, College Street by @bujus_food_estoria_

One of the most famous and loved cabins on College Street, this one is frequented by students, shoppers, teachers and passers-by alike. Its low setup is inviting and exudes a quaint, old-school vibe you would expect from the last-standing cabins of Kolkata. Besides its chop and non-vegetarian cutlets, this cabin also serves a mean Kolkata-style chicken chowmein and tea!

Mukhoruchi, Sealdah by @FlavouredFantasia

Shuruchi, Mukhoruchi and Abhiruchi are three popular snack shops near Sealdah and are best known for their early morning kochuri and torkari spread which are put out for customers in big wicker baskets. Mukhoruchi also serves some delectable and crispy telebhaja which are simplistic and are available at some reasonable rates. Their alu r chop, mocha r chop, vegetable chop, aam er chop are the most popular, and their phulkopir chop is a seasonal hit!

The shop opposite Minerva Theatre by @BongCountryroads

Kolkata’s streets are full of nameless hideaways and eateries which have been in business for years but are identified only by other landmarks. The snack shop near Minerva Theatre is one such joint which gathers a rush of customers every evening but