Tomato Kadhi And Rice: Your Perfect Summer Lunch Combination
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @my_kitchen.diaries

A typical meal in an Indian household never misses a bowl of rice on the table. It’s a staple dish that makes for a perfect comfort meal, especially when it comes with a bowl of kadhi. Kadhi chawal together makes for an exceptionally delicious combination that one just can’t resist. One of the most popular Indian dishes, the humble kadhi is easy to prepare, super delicious and so tangy that it could definitely be one of the very few dishes that we would eat on repeat without any complaints. Don’t you think? 

The best part about kadhi is that it is not just one dish but a gamut of gravies made with curd or besan and other ingredients. And you’ll be glad to know how there are several variations of kadhi spread across India, and is made besides the usual tantalising one made with gram flour and yoghurt. While on one hand you have the slightly sweet Gujarati kadhi, on the other you have Maharashtrian kadhi or Garhwali kadhi. One can also make kadhi with the seasonal tangy and sweet aamras ki kadhi or Sindhi kadhi. While the process of making all these kadhis might be the same, the flavours are varied. 

Another addition to the list of flavourful kadhis is the tomato kadhi - an easy recipe to try at home. Replete with the goodness of carrots, brinjal, potatoes, cauliflower, beans and okra cooked together in boiled tomato water. The usual besan kadhi or the classic Punjabi kadhi is mostly about tang and spice, while this one is also about a whole lot of nutrition.


The nutrients of all the vegetables come together for a wholesome meal boasting a perfect balance of taste and nutrition. Tangy tomatoes and tamarind, crunchy carrots, drumsticks and more, along with a host of spices including asafoetida, cumin, fenugreek seeds and red chillies, together with veggies cooked in a tantalising curry. It is then mixed with besan and cooked for a while. Serve this hot, topped with coriander leaves for a comforting lunch along with steamed rice. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect one-pot meal? 

Kadhi goes with rice like nothing else. If you ask me, I simply cannot imagine eating kadhi with chapati or paratha, and it is a quick recipe to pair with rice. Tangy and flavourful, tamatar kadhi is exactly what you need for your next lunch. Click here for the full recipe of tamatar ki kadhi. This is a cooling alternative to all the heavy and robust curries for lunch in the summer season.

Try this yummy and unique tomato kadhi at home, and share your experience with us.